Our verdict

Budget, comfort, and style are all wrapped into one simple design - this is what I concluded after testing the Nike Run Swift 2. I discovered that it is an entry-level shoe with some decent elements and features giving it a much more expensive look and fee.


  • Breathable
  • True to size
  • Wide toe box
  • Cushioned tongue
  • Durable outsole
  • Price
  • Gusseted tongue


  • Stiff ride
  • Narrow midfoot
  • Heavy

Audience verdict


Nike Run Swift 2 review and lab test

For an inexpensive shoe, the Run Swift 2 has a lot of nice features. 

Who should not buy it 

I recommend seeking other shoes if:

Nike Run Swift 2 features a wide toe box

The Run Swift 2 is narrow in the midfoot and a challenge to get on for people with wider feet, but one on it does surprisingly have a bit more room up in the toebox hand expected. 

Nike Run Swift 2 Width.jpg

Nikes tend to run narrow, and this one is a bit more accommodating to a wider range of foot shapes.  The Toebox measures 99.3mm wide whereas average shoes are just 98.4, while the heel stays narrower than average at 74.8mm (75.4mm is average here). 

A nice feature is the webbing lacing structure which ensures a tight lockdown and zero foot slip inside the shoe. 

Nike Run Swift 2 Lacing.jpg

Lastly, the fully-gusseted tongue helps the shoe hug your foot, again leading to a tight, snug fit eliminating any movement. 

Comfort on a budget 

Honestly, for a budget shoe, it’s pretty dang comfortable. When I first tried this shoe on I didn’t thik it was a budget trainer, it feels higher end than it is. 

The padded ankle collar and tongue help to hug your foot without any hot spots. 

There is plenty of foam underfoot too for impact dampening on runs. With 33.7mm of foam under the heel and just a 7.5mm drop, this shoe feels nice. The foam’s extremely hard, at 26.0HA (average shoes are 22.8HA) it has plenty of give and padding. 

Nike Run Swift 2 Cutaway.jpg

Nike Run Swift 2’s ride

This shoe lands right in the middle of the stiffness scale, measuring 39.5N in our tests. Average shoes flex at 38.8N meaning this shoe won’t surprise most runners. 

It has a more classic ride that’s dense and consistent, it’s not peppy or bouncy like some newer, lightweight shoes, but for those coming from old shoes, this is a benefit as there will be no adaptation period. 

Honestly, for me, it’s a bit dull and I wouldn’t want to run these for anything longer than a recreational jog, but where I so dig them is just as a town sneaker. I actually think they look sweet and feel good enough to wear walking around in. 

Another positive is this shoe didn’t seem to stiffen up much in our freezer tests. The flex was affected just 3% compared to the average shoe being 35.3% stiffer at cold temps. 

Nike Run Swift 2 Freezer.jpg

Weight Nike Run Swift 2

The Run Swift 2 isn’t all that swift… At 10.3 ounces (291g) it’s more of a clunker than a light and nimble shoe built for speed. 

Nike Run Swift 2 Weight.jpg

Again, I see this as more of a performance sneaker than a true running shoe because of the weight here. 

Durability and Grip

The shoe seems well built with plenty of welded overlays on the upper to keep debris out and act as an added layer of protection against abrasion. 

Nike Run Swift 2 Outsole.jpg

The full-rubber outsole is generously thick at 4.4mm (average outsoles are just 3.5mm), and the rubber is firm at 88.5HC on the durometer (compared to an average of 80.5HC), meaning the shoe should wear slowly and have plenty of life. 

Nike Run Swift 2 Outsole Heel.jpg

The outsole also features 2.2mm lugs giving it extra grip on varied terrain. This shoe is comfortable on pavement and mild dirt running paths, which is a nice element for a do-it-all style of shoe like this. 

Breathability was surprisingly good

The upper is plenty breathable with its wide-mesh construction and even though it has a thick 9.0mm padded tongue, the shoe didn’t feel hot on my feet. 

Nike Run Swift 2 Upper Toe.jpg

Rus Swift 2 meant for daytime efforts

Once again, like many other Nike budget shoes, there are no reflective elements on the Run Swift 2, meaning you need to be extra careful should you be out running after dark. 

Nike Run Swift 2 Reflective.jpg

Nike Run Swift 2 is a bargain

At $70 I think there’s actually good value in this shoe. It’s more comfortable, and a bit more high-end feeling than say the Quest 4 or the Downshifter 11, and I like the classic, refined style better as well.  

Nike Run Swift 2 Front Angle.jpg

I think if you need a simple daily trainer or a value pair of sneakers for around town, the Run Swift 2 is worth a look.