10 Best Nike Walking Shoes in 2021

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10 Best Nike Walking Shoes in 2021

Diehard Swoosh fans who are in need of comfy and supportive kicks for walking need not look far. With over 100 walking shoes lined up for you, you can expect to find the best there is here. 

Whether you’re a big guy in need of uber stable kicks or a gal who prefers to walk long distances, we have got you covered. We even have a great selection of wallet-friendly walking shoes if ever budget is a concern. 

And you know what’s more? We’ve tested most of the kicks on the list. So, you can count on our top picks to perform.

How we test the best Nike walking shoes

Most Nike shoes are great and all, but there are those that actually exceed our expectations. And we’re here to tell you which those are. 

To know which of the Nike walking shoes are deserving of the “BEST” title, our team gets into the nitty-gritty shoe details by doing the following:

  • We buy the shoes and test them out ourselves. 
  • To get the general opinion of the public about the shoes, we gather and analyze reviews from both users and experts.
  • Using the data we’ve collected, CoreScores are calculated for each shoe to determine its likability.

Check out our testing methodology to know more about the various methods we use to test shoes.

Best overall

If you simply want the best Nike walking shoe - something that can do EVERYTHING- the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 fits the bill! This is all you need if you’re a guy or gal who loves to walk, run, workout, and everything else in between.

Nike really did a great job straightening out Peg 37’s flaws. Unlike its predecessor, you no longer have to worry about your toes getting pinched with these joints. Nike made sure to give this version a wider toe box to give your toes more room to splay.

What’s more, these shoes ensure to give you a stable and comfy ride. Its sole is soft yet stable. It’s not uber bouncy, it's perfect! 

The lockdown is also significantly better than the older version. This shoe kept our feet solidly in place and this is all thanks to its fully-gusseted tongue and its webbed lacing system that distributed the pressure evenly across the shoe.

One let down, though, is this shoe’s weight. It isn’t among the lightest bunch. Nevertheless, we think the $120 price is a great deal. Comfy, peppy, and stable, these shoes will treat your feet right whether you’re grocery shopping, walking, running, or training.

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If you’re into shoes that offer a plush ride, the Nike React Miler 2 is your best bet. Compared to other shoes, this one just screams COMFORT. And who doesn’t want a pair of crazy, comfortable walking shoes?!

From the shoes' thoughtfully constructed upper down to its soft, bouncy soles, you can expect this shoe to swaddle your feet in comfort. We walked and ran in these joints for 30 miles and we didn’t feel any kind of pain, hotspots, or discomfort. It's amazing!

Apart from its luxurious interior, this shoe also offers a supportive, lockdown fit. The lacing system worked wonders, locking our midfoot snuggly in place. This made walking through steep descents and tight corners easy.

This shoe, though, just like the Peg 38 isn’t as light as other shoes. Then again, it gets the job done. After 30 miles with the soles of the shoes still looking great and its upper still intact, for $130, this kick is still worth the buck.

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Best for flat feet

Those with pretty flat feet need not settle for anything less. The Nike Air Zoom Structure 23 is here to keep your heel grounded and your whole feet stable all throughout the day. 

Unlike the older version, this one is a lot more snug and supportive. It’s also oh so comfy with its soft yet stable midsole. Be warned, though. If you are an overpronator, this shoe’s cushy sole might turn you off. But if you prefer a soft, smooth ride, this is the shoe for you.

Now, if you’re worried that these shoes will be too bouncy because of its Zoom Air cushioning, don’t be. Perfectly situated on the forefoot section, these, on the other hand, make takeoffs and landings smooth and fun. 

What’s more, this shoe is equipped with an inner sleeve that’s plush and luxuriously cushioned. We loved how this hugged our feet snugly. The downside, though, is that this feels a bit warm because of all the layers. But if you live somewhere cold, you’ll surely love this shoe, especially since it stays cozy snug 24/7.

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The Nike Infinity Run Flyknit 2 may not be the best road running shoe, but it is among the best walking shoes out there for flat feet. With these bad boys, you’re assured to get the supportive, lockdown fit and smooth, easy ride your feet have been longing for years.

Thanks to its padded heel collar and exceptional flywire cables, heel slips are now a thing of the past. Plus, your midfoot is guaranteed to stay in place. It’s unbelievable!

When it comes to cushioning, you can expect these kicks to provide a smooth, fluid ride with a soft squish underfoot. So, apart from walking on pavements, these shoes can also double as a daily trainer if you’re into easy runs. 

Apart from that, these kicks are mighty grippy - on wet roads and pavements at least. If you plan to use this for walking on snow and ice, don’t. These aren’t made for those types of terrains. 

Overall, this is a great pair of kicks you can use day in and day out. It’s a bit pricey, though. But if budget isn’t a concern, the $160 isn’t too bad considering its cozy interior, sturdy construction, and stylish look that would surely snag a couple of compliments. 

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Best style

Apart from the shoe’s comfort levels, its style can also be a deal-breaker. And when it comes to style, the most good-looking walking shoe/sneaker for us would have to be the Air Monarch IV from Nike. 

Just look at it. This one has “dad shoe” written all over it. Oozing with retro charm, expect to get a few compliments and nods from bystanders while strutting the city pavements with these kicks.

Comfort-wise, these kicks are pretty damn cozy. The mix of air and EVA in the sole gave the shoe just the right amount of squish as well as underfoot support. This made long walks fun and pain-free. 

One let down, though, is its squeaky sole. But this is really minor compared to all the good stuff you’re getting from these joints. What’s a little squeaking sound, when your style points have gone over the roof?

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Another good-looking shoe that any sneakerhead must check out is the Nike React Vision. Like the Monarch IV, this one also shows off a chunky outsole. 

The difference? The React Vision flaunts a futuristic look that’s hard to miss. Its sole alone looks so unique. What’s more, it comes in a variety of colorways, with some looking so vibrant and out of this world - a plus in our books.

Looks aside, this kick from Nike, like other React-infused shoes from the brand, is also known for its crazy comfortable in-shoe feel. We tried it and we just couldn’t get enough of it. And apart from that, although this shoe looks big, it’s so lightweight. It’s crazy!

And if that’s not enough, you’ll also adore this shoe’s versatility. We used it for running errands, long walks, a couple of easy runs, and hours of training sessions, and this shoe delivered as promised. Truth be told, our heel slipped a few times, but this didn’t stop us. 

Overall, the $140 price tag, although a bit hefty, is a good deal. Our feet were treated to all-day cozy strides. And with its sporty and stylish aesthetic, we can’t help but smile while we have these stunning shoes on our feet. 

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Best Air Max

The Nike Air Max 270 may not be as groundbreaking as advertised by the Swoosh brand, but this shoe is still one of Nike’s Air Maxes kicks that’s here to stay.

Solely created for lifestyle purposes, this sneaker veers away from the chunky dad shoe look and retains the running shoe DNA that Air Max kicks has been known for. Yes, it still looks sporty as ever with its sleek-looking upper. However, this one flaunts a 32 mm Air sole that’s hard to unsee. 

Given its humongous sole, you can expect a “floating in the air”- like ride. The downside? This can be a bit too squishy soft underfoot. We tried this and toppled a few times until we’re able to get used to the shoe’s squishiness. Nonetheless, this one feels cozy from the get-go. And if you dig plush, bouncy cushioning, this is the shoe for you.

Another feature we like about this shoe is its lightness. This one didn’t give any dragging-down sensation. What’s more, it’s oh so airy. Our feet felt cool and sweat-free even under the sweltering heat of the sun. And since it’s breathable, it’s a given that this shoe is more of a go-to summer sneaker rather than a cold-weather kick.

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When it comes to Air Max shoes, one must-have shoe in any sneakerhead’s rotation is the Nike Air Max 97. This classic kick has stayed on the shelves for a reason, and it’s all thanks to its mighty good looks. 

Yes, this one is a looker through and through, and we have Christian Tresser’s beautiful mind to thank. 

Although this shoe is equipped with a full-length Air sole, this one isn’t as pillowy soft, and flexible as the Air Max 270. In fact, this one feels a bit stiff. But because of this board-like stiffness, you can expect this shoe to provide you with a stable and supportive platform for your feet.

Apart from that, this is also sturdy. We tried to wear it down, but after beating them good these joints still look great. So, expect these shoes to last. 

And if that isn’t enough, you’ll love that this shoe is an all-season kick that you can count on to keep your feet protected from spring to winter. Its mix of synthetic leather and mesh upper is somewhat water-resistant and can keep your feet dry and warm in the colder seasons. 

So, the $150 price tag for these shoes is a fair price to pay. After all, you have in your hands the “stuff of legends” that are built to last for years and stay trendy at the same time.

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Best budget shoe

If the price of the shoes on the list intimidates you since most of the shoes come with a price tag ranging from $120 and above, don’t worry. You’d be surprised to find out that Nike also offers budget-friendly walking shoes for all the average Joes and Janes out there. Want to know which one is the best? For us, it’s the Nike Revolution 5.

For $65, you get a shoe that looks good with its clean, sporty design. Its stable sole is also there to keep your feet from twisting during long walks and easy runs. 

When it comes to fit, you can count on this shoe’s heel collar to keep your heel locked in. However, don’t expect too much when it comes to durability. This shoe isn’t something you can use for high-mileage runs or intense workout sessions. Truth be told, its mesh upper tends to stretch after a couple of miles. 

Nonetheless, this shoe isn’t bad given its price tag. In fact, it’s better than expected considering its easy-to-style aesthetics, sleek design, and stable construction.

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Another wallet-friendly kick worth considering is the Nike Quest 3. Like the Revolution 5, this one also works great for long walks with its stable, supportive sole. However, it’s $10 more expensive. But it’s a fair uptick in the price since this one is a lot more durable than the Revolution.

Apart from its stable ride and durable construction, the Quest 3 is also here to impress you with its oh-so-breathable mesh upper that will keep your feet dry and sweat-free all throughout the day.

Not only that, but this one also kept our feet locked in place. Its lacing system may not look impressive as those with Flywire cables but it did what it’s supposed to do. Secure lockdown is also achieved even without cinching the laces tightly, and this is all thanks to the collar and the gusseted tongue.

So, if you’re just after a pair of cheap walking shoes that will get you through the day and that will last, the Quest 3 is your best bet. It’s truly a fine piece given its below $100 price tag.

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