7 Best Nike Walking Shoes in 2024

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7 Best Nike Walking Shoes in 2024
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Diehard Swoosh fans who are in need of comfy and supportive kicks for walking need not look far. But, because we tested many Nike walking shoes, you can expect to find the best of them here in our review. 

Whether you’re a big guy in need of uber-stable kicks or a gal who prefers to walk long distances, we have got you covered. We even have a great selection of wallet-friendly walking shoes if ever budget is a concern. 

And you know what’s more? We’ve tested the kicks on the list in our lab, where we tested their durability, breathability, flexibility, softness... and we tested the shoes on our test walks. So, you can count on our top picks to deliver.

How we test running shoes

Most Nike shoes are great and all, but there are those that actually exceed our expectations. And we’re here to tell you which those are. 

To know which of the Nike walking shoes are deserving of the “BEST” title, we get into the nitty-gritty shoe details by doing the following:

  • We buy the shoes using our own funds. Here at RunRepeat, we strive hard to remain loyal to no one but our readers.
  • We try on the shoes ourselves. Basically, all the things we usually accomplish in a day, we do in these Nike walking shoes. This is to discover our own realizations while wearing the shoes for walking, traveling, going to work, or even low-impact exercising. 
  • We slice the shoes open. We believe that this is the most ideal way to literally and figuratively get to the bottom of the shoes, as we also perform various tests on them in our lab.

Check out our testing methodology to know more about the various methods we use to test shoes.

Best Nike walking shoes overall

What makes it the best?

After multiple wear tests and intensive lab analysis, InfinityRN4 stands out as the top Nike walking-running shoe. The ride feels soothing and easy on the legs with its plush cushion and uncomplicated midsole. It’s versatile enough for light runs, walks, and other daily activities and has an outsole that promises a long lifespan.

InfinityRN brought the clouds to the street, featuring a velvet ReactX foam that offers substantial bounce. Our durometer measures a softness of 12.5 HA, 46.6% softer than average, providing a gentle and cozy sensation ideal for all-day wear.

The midsole flows effortlessly with our movements, making it our go-to pick for various activities. Our flex test confirms it’s 46.1% more adaptive than our lab average, ensuring much comfort since we don’t have to fight much resistance with every stride.

While all these elements highlight softness, the outsole is the exact opposite. We measured a 90.4 HC reading with our durometer, one of the hardest rubbers in our lab, confirming our observation that the outsole is extremely protective and long-lasting. The shoe looked practically new even after our run-and-wear tests.

The thick and stretchy knit upper provides a snug fit but lacks breathability on warm days, making it unsuitable for summer wear.


  • All-new ReactX plush midsole
  • Soft and stretchy Flyknit upper
  • Ideal for heel strikers
  • Generously cushioned
  • Excellent for easy runs
  • Feels like running on clouds
  • Durable, long-lasting outsole
  • Reduced carbon footprint


  • Average-at-best breathability
  • On the heavier side
  • Sizes run notably small
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Nike walking shoes with the best cushioning

What makes it the best?

Comfort is a must in the walking-running domain, and that’s precisely where the ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit 3 shows its class. With the marshmallow-like foam warmly hugging our feet and the breezy upper refreshing them, this shoe was a delight to our endless testing miles.

As plushy as it gets, our experience with the Invincible was heart-melting. Each footfall is met with a sinking sensation into the ZoomX midsole, elevating the overall comfort to elite levels. And the numbers check out, with our durometer ranking this foam among the top 10% softest we ever put our hands and feet on.

Unfazed by the seasons, the Invincible’s comfort sees no temperatures. After a chilly 20-minute stay in our freezer, the midsole firmed up by a mere 10.3%, outperforming the average 28.1% increase. Also, smoke pumped into the shoe ushed through the upper with such ease that we couldn’t help but award the Invincible a near-perfect 4 out of 5 for breathability.

However, the Invincible 3 loses its composure on rainy days. We can blame the 6.9% softer-than-average outsole for it, whose grip fades way on wet surfaces.


  • Way more stable than previous versions
  • Tall stack of impact-absorbing cushioning
  • Good energy return
  • Comfort for the entire foot
  • Thicker, more durable outsole
  • A solid ride that works for more runners
  • Breathable
  • Great for recovery days and long easy runs


  • Poor grip on wet roads
  • Heel slippage
  • Heel clip can be irritating when cornering
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Best Nike road-to-trail walking shoes

What makes it the best?

Transitioning from road to trail has never felt so seamless and easy until we tried the Pegasus Trail 5. Adding rugged features to the well-loved daily trainer, it’s our top hybrid shoe among lab-tested Nike walking-running shoes. Its robust yet grippy base, plush yet energetic midsole, and versatile nature ensure a smooth ride regardless of terrain.

The All-Terrain Compound outsole does the dirty work and is a firm 87.9 HC per our durometer. We barely scratched the surface after outdoor testing, proving its resistance to abrasions. Additionally, we found its 3.2 mm lugs as the optimal depth for a secure grip without feeling excessive on smoother surfaces.

The ReactX foam proved to be comfortable and dynamic in our runs. Our durometer confirms its pleasant feel with a measurement 51.1% softer than average. It has a rockered design that facilitates seamless heel-to-toe transitions, enhancing overall comfort with each stride.

Despite its stack height, the PT5 maintains flexibility with strategically placed outsole cutouts, promoting agility and comfort by allowing the shoe to move naturally with our feet. Our bend test reveals it's 31.3% more adaptable than average, making it an excellent choice for walking and other daily activities.

However, the dense upper prioritized durability at the expense of ventilation, scoring only 2/5. We can’t recommend this pair to warmer climates.


  • Fully gusseted tongue
  • Reflective elements
  • Durable upper construction
  • New rockered sole
  • Incredibly roomy toebox
  • Great for heel strikers
  • Reasonably priced
  • All-around comfort


  • Weight increase
  • Possibly too plush for trails
  • Still lacks traction
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Best Nike walking shoes for trail

Nike Zegama 2

What makes it the best?

Among all the Nike walking-running shoes we tested on foot and in the lab, we found Zegama 2 the king of the trails. Our experience tells us it’s made for the outdoors—offering an effortless ride, comfort for any distance, and unwavering grip for any surface.

This shoe boasts a robust Vibram outsole with 4.0 mm Traction Lugs that display unquestionable grip on slippery mud and loose soil. It feels very protective from all the debris we step on and keeps us steady through difficult trails. Our Dremel confirms its tough nature with only 0.8 mm damage in our abrasion test.

The ZoomX midsole is a standout feature, with its rockered design promoting silky smooth transitions. Our takeoffs feel alive and energetic, then we’re comforted with a plush foam upon landing. Our durometer shows it’s 36.1% softer than average, allowing us to chase more miles.

Additionally, the midsole moves freely with our movements. Its high level of flexibility keeps the ride natural and is perfect for days we want to slow down. In our bend test, it emerged 25.3% more bendable than the average trail shoe.

Bad news for those who prefer a weightless ride, the Zegama 2 is a hefty 10.7 oz (302g). Those who want lighter options should explore further.


  • More ZoomX bouncy foam!
  • Vibram Megagrip outsole
  • Spacious upper
  • Exceptional durability
  • Superb wet condition traction
  • Ideal for midfoot and forefoot strikers
  • Ready for long-distance running
  • Suitable for hiking too


  • Could be lighter
  • Not ideal for heel strikers
  • Limited toebox vertical space
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Most comfortable Nike walking shoes

Nike Vomero 17

What makes it the best?

Vomero 17 emerged as a highly versatile shoe with a premium in-shoe experience thanks to its soft cushioning and breezy upper. It’s our most comfortable pick among Nike walking-running shoes in our lab, even offering a supportive ride for a fuss-free experience.

Vomero 17 provides ample cushioning for impact protection and comfort, with a 33.9 mm heel surrounded by midsole sidewalls for added support. Its dual-density configuration includes a plush 11.9 HA ZoomX foam top layer, offering a sweet and delicate sensation underfoot. Meanwhile, the firmer 22.0 HA bottom layer enhances stability. We find the shoe ideal for neutral runners who need subtle guidance as fatigue sets in.

The outsole sports the iconic waffle pattern with strategic cutouts to enhance flexibility. And this is exactly what our bend test showed: 36.2% more adaptive than average, making it an ideal daily trainer that can handle walks and gym workouts.

Even the dual-layer mesh in the upper feels incredibly soft to the touch. Our microscope reveals multiple ventilation holes, which explains its impressive 4/5 breathability score in our lab, making it a steadfast companion all year round.

Unfortunately, it lacks the snappy energy we crave for speed training. Those who prefer a faster shoe should explore elsewhere.


  • Outstanding durability
  • More ZoomX cushioning than ever before
  • All-day comfort
  • Ideal for long-distance training
  • Top-notch material use
  • Can double as walking shoe
  • Truly a beefed-up Pegasus
  • Finally dips under 10 oz


  • Limited wet traction
  • Could benefit from more ZoomX
  • Possible heel slippage
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Best budget Nike walking shoes

Nike Winflo 11

What makes it the best?

Among Nike shoes, we found Winflo 11 to be the perfect walking-running shoe because of its comfortable Air cushioning, free-flowing ventilation, and robust outsole. What’s even better is this multi-purpose shoe only costs $105! With 18.0% savings vs. the average lab-tested Nike trainer, it’s our best budget pick.

Winflo 11 features a soft CushIon 3.0 foam with a full-length Air unit that oozes gentle sensations even if we stay on our feet all day. Our durometer confirms its premium feel, emerging 35.0% softer than average. This supportive shoe erases any harshness of landing impact, especially in the heel with its 37.6 mm thick slab of foam.

The upper feels padded yet pleasantly breathable—a rare combination as these elements tend to affect each other inversely. At an accessible price point, we’re able to experience the material’s premium touch. Our smoke test confirms Winflo 11’s airflow with a high 4/5 rating.

Adding to this Nike’s appeal is its value for money because its outsole delivers a long lifespan. Our lab results reveal the rubber is harder (93.0 HC) and thicker (3.6 mm) than average. Both numbers suggest the shoe can take the beating of daily mileage.

Unfortunately, this trainer has a very narrow heel at 84.6 mm. Rear strikers in need of more stability should check for more supportive shoes.


  • Comfortable engineered mesh
  • Exceptional durability
  • Excellent value for price
  • Spacious toebox
  • Gusseted tongue
  • Ideal for heel strikers
  • Plush foam cushioning
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Full-length Air unit


  • Small price increase from v10
  • Notable weight gain
  • Lacks stability
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How to choose the best Nike walking shoes

Let’s explore how to choose the best Nike walking shoes that will keep you on your feet in comfort and style.


Assessing your walking needs

Nike’s shoe catalog is massive, and its walking shoe options are no exception. Assessing what exactly you need to get out of your walking shoes will help you narrow in on the best choice amidst a sea of shoes. Some questions to consider include:

  • Are you looking for walking shoes for casual wear or something more performance-oriented for intense, specific activities, including running?
  • Do you need walking shoes for work that offer all-day comfort and support?
  • Do you have any foot conditions that would require features like arch support or extra cushioning?

Best Nike walking shoes at a glance

With those questions in mind, here is a summary of the best Nike walking shoes, and what they are best suited for.

Best for

Nike Walking Shoes


Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit

Well-rounded and comfortable trainer for walking, running, and gym sessions 

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit

Plush, max comfort trainer for running or long days on your feet.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

Responsive, fashionable, and durable shoe for brisk walks and running


Nike React Pegasus Trail

Added cushion for comfortable, supportive performance on any surface, from pavement to dirt trails. Versatile, stable shoe for off-road walks, runs, and hikes


Technologies used in Nike walking shoes

Nike shoes are packed with lots of unique materials and technologies. Understanding a few key branding terms will help you know what to expect from any given walking shoe.

Nike midsole foams

ZoomX: premium, extra soft, high-performance

Zoom: Soft, responsive, lightweight, with efficient energy return

React: Springy, and supportive; made for all-day comfort

Nike uppers

Flyknit: Super breathable, sock-like mesh upper: form-fitting without sacrificing airflow


Shield: Water-repellent coating for extra protection in wet conditions

Nike Winflo 8 Shield - Black Bronze (DC3727200) - slide 6

Nike walking vs. running shoes

Technically, Nike doesn't have a separate category dedicated to walking shoes only. However, this seems to change in 2023 with the introduction of the Nike Motiva.

But we found that the best Nike walking shoes are usually classified as running shoes. The features that make them suitable for running are more than ideal for walking. These shoes offer:

  • Cushioning: Daily trainers and distance running shoes—with midsoles that balance comfort, responsiveness, and shock absorption—also make for excellent walking shoes. This would be most Nike models featuring Zoom or React foams.
  • Support: Running shoes provide good lateral support: they keep your foot stable in optimal positioning. Nike trail running shoes and models with Flywire technology will have the most structure and stability.
  • Style: Nike made running shoes cool before anyone else. With a mind-boggling array of colorways, you are guaranteed to find a style you like. But if you want something more stylish than sporty, Nike sneakers might be a better option. Sneakers are not quite as comfortable and supportive as running shoes, but they are more versatile for casual wear.

Evaluating comfort and fit

Nike shoes have a reputation for running small. In reality, they are typically true to size, but with a slightly narrower fit than some brands.


Nike walking shoes with a Flyknit mesh upper, like the React Infinity Run Flyknit, are designed to be form-fitting. Some love the secure, stable fit of Flyknit shoes, but others may find it too constrictive.


If you have wide feet, there are Nike shoes available in wide and extra-wide options as well (Nike Pegasus, Nike Downshifter, etc.)

Whatever your preference, properly fitted walking shoes should not feel tight anywhere, but you should not experience any slippage. A snug fit is most important in the heel and midfoot. In the toebox, you should have a finger’s-width of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. If you work on your feet all day or regularly walk long distances, you should consider sizing up a half-size to comfortably accommodate swelling feet.

Don’t miss our guide on shoe sizing for a deeper dive into the fitting and more tips on finding the best Nike walking shoes for you.

Jens Jakob Andersen
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