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10 reasons to buy

  • The LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 is described by many as so comfortable that they felt like walking on clouds.
  • Several noted how light their runs were in this shoe.
  • It is very breathable, according to some reviewers.
  • A good number of reviewers evaluated the shoe as an upgrade over the original release.
  • It works very well as a casual shoe, based on the comments of a large number of runners.
  • A handful of users utilized it for gym workouts.
  • More than a handful used it for sock-less running without any hot spots or irritations.
  • The shoe can work for those who are working on their speed or who are aiming to increase their distance, as explained by a few expert reviewers.
  • A small number of reviewers appreciated the secure fit without compromising ventilation and weight.
  • Some runners defined the transition through the gait cycle as very smooth.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Most of the reviewers mentioned that the shoes are very narrow and tight.
  • A handful had trouble putting on the shoe.
  • More than a few felt like their heels were about to pop off the shoe because of the reduced heel collar height.
  • The lack of hard rubber in the outsole could pose durability issues like the first release of this line.

Bottom line

The 2nd edition of the LunarEpic Flyknit Low offers more of the same from the original model. It has an even more sock-like fit, but with cushioning that feels like walking on clouds. There is good arch support, very nice traction across different surfaces, except trail. It looks good and can work in various activities other than running. Moreover, it easily blends well when the runner is just going out and about. Runners who have the money or resources to get a pair, should secure one as the performance and style of this shoe is very legit.

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Our reviews

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Every time I buy a shoe, I will always make sure to place a role in my rotation. This shoe's destiny was mainly to take a fair amount of easy weekly mileage in my LSD (Long Slow Distance) runs.

These Epics have done their job outstandingly and still keep at it even after 550K. I felt so comfortable that I even took them for more demanding Up-Tempo work.


The Upper

The upper consists of a one piece including the tongue, and as its name suggests, we are looking at a Flyknit upper.

Nike’s Flyknit is probably the best knit you’ll find around. The knit is pretty soft and quite stretchy. 

The “FlyWire” cables run through the knit to keep a "secure" lockdown of the foot. The inside of the upper is made of a thin liner made of neuphram-like material which feels soft and of good quality.


The Midsole

The midsole is made of Lunarlon which is by now, not the most advanced of Nike’s midsole materials but you can still see it in newer models. 

From the beginning, it felt great under my feet, and it keeps its soft characteristics up until now.

Along the side, five laser-cut grooves accompany the midsole from the heel area to the forefoot, supposedly there to leave space for the material to compress more and enhance cushioning.


The Outsole

The outsole is a continuation of the Lunarlon foam from the midsole. 

There is no rubber to be found. It's the same technique of the laser cuts on the side of the midsole.

It is used to make five pods, one under the heel and four under to mid-forefoot area. The pods are there to allow the sole to move according to the foot’s natural motion.


The Good

  • Super comfortable upper feels as if the Flyknit is hugging your feet safe while keeping solid ventilation.
  • The midsole and the outsole let the foot move in its natural roll not only from mid/rearfoot to the forefoot but also the natural roll from the lateral part of the foot to the medial.
  • Durability - a great surprise in my eyes, especially while considering there is no blown rubber on the outsole. I got 550K on them. The upper looks as new and the sole looks as if it could take on another 100K easily.
  • Looks - you can’t deny these Epic look pretty epic.

The Bad

  • The pods while giving the sole the freedom of movement (according to personal sizes), tend to collect small rocks along the way. I find myself once in every 2/3 runs having to clear them out. If it’s a big rock, you might even need to stop midway of a run.
  • The laces are thin tubular laces which have come undone in 3 different runs, I have to add that this never happens to me in other shoes so I think it is not a coincidence.

The Ugly

  • Sharp turns in these are a bit like driving on a wet road, because of the combination of the softness of the upper on top of the already cushioned midsole. These can make turning at not-so-high-pace problematic to your ankle. This is a strong enough reason not to go anywhere close to an off-road run.


People that should consider buying these are road runners looking for a smart company for their feet anywhere from easy 5K park runs to the longer LSD runs, and even some tempo work as long as there are no sharp turns in them.

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Hi, I'm Arnon! I played basketball up until high school graduation when an ACL injury forced me to find the excitement in other sports, and during my army service in the navy, I found it in running. Today, I'm a certified physical therapist and the coach of the university's running team. As a runner, I won back-to-back and got some podiums in the close-by area.

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When I started realizing that my Ultra Boost life was slowly fading away, it was time to look for something of an equal quality to place in the rotation. Again, the main criteria were to achieve great aesthetics without compromising performance capabilities. I also was curious what Nike had to offer – so the search began. 

It all started with a shoe that looked like a marriage between a high sock and a sneaker. I never encountered that version myself, but there was a big campaign behind it with a lot of top athletes involved. Feel free to check it out on YouTube.

I happened to search in times when the Lunarepic low flyknit second installment was available. Great reviews grasped my attention, and I ended up purchasing a pair in full black color. 



Nike is well known for being a bit inconsistent with sizing, US size 11 which is my size for Adidas was slightly smaller but still, I didn’t experience any issues.

There is a rumor that even different Nike models may differ in actual fit, so it is always recommended to actually go to a shop and try them on. In this case, the toe box is slightly narrow so it’s good to check if it's not too snug. I was pleased – all toes intact, perfect match.


This is a very attractive shoe. The simple yet crafty design makes it look like a great casual sneaker, but don’t get fooled, it is a running machine. It looks neat, but at the same time, you know it will go fast.

Comes in many color variations and overall looks like a shoe you can dress up or just wear daily. Mine – as they are just black all around, they can be worn with anything really. It is not a cheap purchase, but considering the quality you’re getting for approximate $200 AUD it is worth it.

Upper - Flyknit

The upper is a one-piece booty/sock-like design with tongue seamlessly integrated with the rest of the upper – with additional length at the hell counter for extra comfort. You literally slide into the shoe. Just to mention that occasionally on the hill runs lockdown seems to fail slightly.



On the bright side, it is super soft and cushy and you have that nice stretch in the forefoot. Hard for me to decide if they are in fact more comfortable than ultra-boost but they are dominant in the appearance department.

As part of the long name indicates, upper is made from FLYKNIT mesh which is the specially engineered variation of fabrics that give you lightweight and great fit (just wraps around your foot like a sock). It is quite breathable but FLYKNIT in places may come across a bit thick so that could be improved.


The additional piece of great Nike technology that is a part of the shoe is FLYWIRE lacing.



In short, these are strategically placed wires wrapped on the sides of the shoe to hold the foot nicely in place when tightened by bringing the whole upper down on your foot. They are strong while super light so it’s a massive plus. You don’t need to pull your laces too crazy to get a snug fit.


This part of the shoe is armed with LUNARLON foam cushioning, very soft but still very springy and flexible. It is a mix of soft and firm foam, to help absorb the impact while running and still reasonably resilient.



On the sides of the midsole and on those islands on the outsole we can see those laser cuts that help the shoe adjust when hitting the ground. While being supportive you can bend that thing crazy. Heel to toe we’ve got 10mm drop which is suiting.

As a minus, I guess I may mention that between those laser grooves you may collect some rocks and such along the way, but personally it did not bother me too much.



I managed to put approximately 350km in those shoes including 2 half marathons I did within a week just before writing this review. It is an extremely comfortable sneaker to run in on such a distance. Your foot will have nice support.

The nice cushioning will make the run feel like a walk in the park (or on the clouds to be exact). Do not expect to break any speed records as it is not a hyper-fast running racing unit, but thanks to the nice transition from stride to landing it will make for a smooth ride.



Still, I managed to keep my times in 1:35/ 1:36 give or take. I think the fact that the shoe is pretty light contributes a lot to the fact that you can still have a decent pace. I am not an extreme athlete so I like comfort which is why I was very happy with how LunarEpic performed for me.

After all this time I haven’t noticed any major wear so durability stands out on the bright side. All attached photos are recent so you can see they look nearly new.


  • Great comfort due to all technology involved (flyknit, lunarlon, flywire)
  • Weight, very light
  • Design, all-around type of shoe
  • Great traction – will keep you grounded
  • One piece build
  • Durability


  • Expensive
  • Rocks and other foreign objects will stack in laser cuts on the outsole
  • Breathability
  • Lockdown


Overall, I think Nike LunarEpic low Flyknit 2 is a great shoe to move away from Adidas Ultra Boost or to just have an alternative. It has the same qualities of the other whilst improving in the performance department as well as that it is much lighter.

Thanks to a firmer outsole, it allows you to run faster while still maintaining comfort and flexibility. It took me a moment to get used to, but I adore them.

They look stunning with a simple and yet striking design. I wouldn’t hesitate to get another pair even though there are way too many interesting shoes out there waiting to be tested. It started for me as great training sneaker but I they are as good to grab on go for a race.

As I am an average human being – for me they delivered. I got great results and felt nice and fresh afterward. I will gladly take them to the track or on a date – can’t go wrong with that buy, and as the price may appear bit expensive, you are paying for quality.

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I am a Polish born guy that happened to live in Australia. I am a dedicated surfer/paddle boarder and an enthusiastic runner and occasional soccer (football) player – in other words, I like to stay active. I do participate in half marathons and races etc., but mainly I just run for fun, from fast 5km sprints to long relaxing 20km runs. Always researching, learning new things and trying to find the way to push myself to another level. My weakness would be that whatever am into, I am always looking for the best gear out there – sneakers, wetsuit, board shorts… just love to do my leg work in search for the good stuff. Performance plus fashion equals happiness.

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After loving the Nike LunarEpic Flyknit 2 a try for a more cushioned, long-distance run.

Upon first look, the shoe is beautiful. Slipping the shoe on for the first time, I felt like I was walking on clouds. I could not wait to take the shoes for a spin.



Wearing minimalist shoes for my entire running career, I was a little unsettled running in a highly cushioned shoe at first.

After several runs, I became accustomed to the cushioning. This was not a negative experience. I am simply used to feeling the road underfoot. That being said, it took a few weeks of training to become comfortable in the shoe.

Let's look into the design of the LunarEpic Flyknit 2.




The midsole of the shoe is made of Lunarlon foam, Nike's premium, lightweight foam. In addition, the midsole is designed with laser cut grooves, which allows for compression and responsiveness.

As a neutral, forefront striker with a high arch, the shoe is a firm, soft and responsive ride.

The midsole incorporates an Ortholite insert, too. The insert makes the shoe extremely comfortable and cushioned even for walking.

My complaint would be the slightly obstructed gait. I tend to supinate (roll to the outside if my foot). The LunarEpic Flyknit 2 is highly cushioned, which causes my foot to supinate a little. 



The outsole is made of the same EVA foam with laser cut grooves as the midsole.

The outsole is complete foam without any rubber layer. The foam allows for a lighter weight shoe, but the durability will suffer.

Expect about 300 miles out of the LunarEpic Flyknit 2. Though the grooves help with traction on dry road surfaces, the grooves attract pebbles and other debris. Walking in these shoes, I constantly trip over my own feet.


The upper is a bootie design, meaning the shoe is one piece, slipping on like a sock.

In addition, the entire bootie is made of Flyknit material. The Flyknit material is very comfortable, durable and beautiful. Since the material is an elastic knit, the shoe will conform to the shape of your foot.I really like the bootie fit and the Flyknit material.

In fact, I do not think I can go back to a shoe that is not a bootie or knit material. With a one-piece design, the tongue will not slip to the side of the shoe and cause discomfort.

Nike uses a flat, thin lace with Flywire cables to secure the shoe.



Due to the bootie design and Flywire cables, the forefront of the shoe is snug.

I have a high instep. So, if I wear the shoes all day, I feel some irritation on the top of my foot. For purely running, my foot has adjusted to a snugger fit. Despite the snug forefront, the toe box has sufficient room.


The Nike LunarEpic Flyknit 2 has a snug fit around the forefront and instep. If you have a high instep or wider forefront, I would suggest thin socks or a half size larger.


  • Very cushioned (firm, soft ride)
  • Flexible
  • Forefront and rear front responsiveness
  • Bootie construction
  • Flyknit material
  • Flywire cables
  • Aesthetically beautiful shoe


  • Snug forefront
  • Durability
  • Slight natural gait obstruction


Overall, the Nike LunarEpic Flyknit 2 is a beautiful and comfortable shoe best suited for long, easy distances. The cushioning in the shoes is suitable for half and full marathon distances.

If you want a cushioned and flexible ride for long distances and daily high mileage training, I would highly recommend the Nike LunarEpic Flyknit 2.

In fact, I would recommend the shoe for just walking and extended standing, too. The shoe is extremely comfortable for someone that is in his or her feet all day. Plus the shoe is very aesthetically appealing.

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I am a long distance runner by hobby. Half and full marathons are my specialty. Typically, my training is completed on the road, but I will occasionally go for a trail run or race. After a few minor injuries, I learned that wearing the correct running shoe for my foot and training needs is key to staying healthy. Now, I run happy and healthy without any frustrating injuries. Treat your feet right and run happy!

Good to know

  • Nike made a few, but very significant changes in unveiling the LunarEpic Flyknit Low 2. One clear modification is a more structured upper with prominent forefoot holes. This type of knit is used for better breathability and support.
  • Another obvious change is the removal of the tongue. This is now a one-piece upper where the tongue is fully integrated to the entire upper to create a cleatie-like fit. The update gives a more foot-hugging wrap and support to the runner who gets the perfect fit in this shoe.
  • The type of knit used in the latest instalment of the LunarEpic Low Flyknit is denser, which adds support, but could make those with wider feet feel a tad claustrophobic.
  • The integration of the tongue and the heel into the entire upper also resulted to another change as there is now one less eyelet in the new version. Nike figured that the last eyelet would not be needed because of the cleatie construction.
  • In lieu of the stiff internal heel counter, this area is now supported by a fused overlay that still adequately helps hold the heel.

Despite the changes in the upper construction, there are still semblances between the old and new LunarEpic Flyknit Low. Common between the two is the snug fit, although the LunarEpic Flyknit Low 2 takes it a notch because of the interior cleatie and denser knit upper. The toe box width is barely enough like the vertical height. Nike provides a very secure midfoot hold and adequate support and security in the heel. Runners with slightly wider feet may have to go up in size.

Nike’s laser-cut outsole continues to dominate the sole of the 2nd edition of the LunarEpic Flyknit low. It offers foam pods in the heel and a clump of them in the forefoot for added cushioning, responsiveness, and flexibility.

The midsole of this running shoe is the domain of Nike’s proprietary Lunarlon foam and industry-standard EVA. This dual-density combination delivers an optimal mix of softness and responsiveness. The softer Lunarlon foam sits nearer to the top to soften the impact upon landing, while the EVA covers the rest of the midsole for some firmness. Nike slits the side walls of the foam for compression and eventual cushioning. The slits run almost the length on the lateral side, but shorter on the inner wall for arch support.

The innovative Flyknit upper largely makes up the entire shoe. It has good structure and holes around it for breathability and support. Nike updates the upper by making the heel and tongue fully part of the upper construction. The new version has a cleatie-like fit for a snug support and security. Inside the shoe is an Ortholite sockliner that adds cushioning. Flywire cords are also incorporated into the upper through the laces for even more hold and security. A traditional lace up closure is the finishing touch of the LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2.


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