Updates to Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit 2018

  • The Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit 2018 is an update to a series of running shoes that are designed to offer natural freedom of motion during any activity. The upper unit has a unique look: it resembles a sock, having a knitted structure and stretchy mid-cut collar. It doesn’t have a traditional lacing system, but it has a midfoot strap that locks the foot in place.
  • A full-length platform offers underfoot support. It is made up of a ground-contact carrier exterior and a dual density core. Such a configuration aims to heighten durability and impact-attenuating capacity. There is no rubber on the outsole, but there are textured sections to provide traction. The Auxetic design ensures flexibility.
  • The primary difference between the 2018th iteration and its predecessor is that this new one doesn’t have a sock liner. The foot is placed directly on top of the sole unit, unlocking a potentially natural running experience.

Size and fit

The Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit 2018 is true to size. It welcomes the usual choices of runners when it comes to length. The width profiles are D – Medium and B – Medium for men and women, respectively. Its overall design accommodates those who have medium foot-dimensions.


The outsole unit of the Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit 2018 is made of ground-contact foam. It has textured sections that deliver surface traction.

The Auxetic design makes sure to increase the bending capacity of the platform. It is composed of tri-star holes and thin sipes that encompass the surface of the external pad. Such a mechanism encourages smooth transitions through the gait cycle.


An IU002 Carrier foam serves as the ground-contact unit of the Free RN Motion Flyknit 2018. It is also responsible for making the underfoot experience as full and as robust as possible. Moreover, it houses a dual-density core that rounds out the entire cushioning system. Unlike the 2017th version, the external sidewalls of the carrier unit have raised portions to increase in-shoe steadiness and wobble-prevention.

A Dual Density Fused Lunar foam is found at the center of the platform. It offers responsive cushioning, yet it doesn’t quickly lose structure; the walls of the carrier foam serve as a form-preserving foundation. The compact nature of this compound also warrants a steady underfoot experience.


Flyknit graces the Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit 2018’s upper. This fabric’s soft and smooth nature intends to provide a sock-like coverage that’s free of irritants. The Flyknit material has also been used in some other Nike running shoes.

A Velcro strap loops across the midfoot and the heel. This design allows a custom fit while eliminating the tedious task of tying shoelaces.

A mid-cut collar embraces the bottom part of the lower leg. Its purpose is to support the ankles and ease tension on the joints. It also completes the feeling of wearing socks without actually wearing socks.

Two reflective strips are added to the heel and lateral sections of the upper. The purpose of this arrangement is to make the runner visible when running at night. It’s a safety measure that may help in averting accidents on the roads.

The ‘Nike Free RN Motion’ slogan is printed on the front part of the collar while the swoosh symbol is placed on the strap.


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