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10 reasons to buy

  • The Nike Essentialist is a crowd-favorite for many reviewers who recommend it to potential buyers that are looking for the same comfortable experience.
  • This Nike lifestyle shoe’s low top profile garners mountains of compliments from users with its sleek one-piece mesh upper partnered with simple details that delivers a stylish and very good looking shoe.
  • A serious amount of customers show great interest with the shoe’s lightweight composition and even use the shoe for their everyday escapades.
  • The shoe is generally well-made with excellent high quality materials, according to some buyers.
  • Despite being worn and beaten from time to time, the Nike Essentialist maintains adequate durability as some users were testament to this experience.
  • The shoe can also aid in helping wearers increase their arch support and a user even praises it in terms of heel injury assistance.
  • A handful of buyers love the selection of colorways for the Nike Essentialist.
  • With its top qualities, the shoe delivers a good for value for money for a handful of users.
  • The shoe fits like a glove and several users even commend the shoe’s perfect fit.
  • Along with the shoe’s simple design, accommodated by topnotch Nike quality materials, the shoe caters an impressive amount of comfort and cushioning for the wearer.

2 reasons not to buy

  • The shoe hurts the feet of less than a handful of users and some of them had to return the shoe because it runs narrow.
  • A couple of reviewers were appalled by the appearance of the shoe as it was not the same as the pictures from the retailers.

Bottom line

The Nike Essentialist’s minimalist appearance and high-quality components captured the definition of an everyday casual wear in high colors. With supreme comfort in mind, it is installed with a thick but soft insole coupled with a padded collar and a one-piece mesh upper for a pleasurable ride.

Its simple appearance also cradled ample aesthetics for a variety of occasions and clothing combinations. ne can truly say that for a shoe with that price, owning one would be essential.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated Nike sneaker
It has never been more popular than this May

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The Nike Essentialist is made available for men and women’s sizes. This shoe uses laces that allow wearers to adjust the fit to their desired width. Also, the tongue is kept in place by a lace guard.

Having a one-piece upper with zero seams and only a visible stitch line at the heel, the Nike Essentialist presents a sense of latency while wondrously radiating back a look for necessity. Its flawless design caters any clothing combination from jeans or shorts for men, and either a dress or pants for women.

Its low top profile manifests relaxation for the user combined with an addendum of technological comfort. The classic overall look is completed by a lacing system of closure for a more vintage style.

The shoe’s seamless upper is made up of a monochromatic one-piece material with a stitch found at the heel. A squishy neon insole provides the first line of cushioning for the foot. The Phylon midsole found beyond the insert reinforces cushioning and comfort and also adds stability to the shoe. A synthetic rubber outsole with a herringbone pattern caters traction and durability along with a smooth look. Lastly, the traditional Nike swoosh logo is imprinted on the lateral panels.

Low top silhouettes have been famous for bringing out the nostalgic sensation in a person and it can be derived from the history of a starting sneaker age where people are wearing flat rubber soles for excellent traction and for, basically, sneaking around. These vintage shoes exhibit a low to the ground profile and would later inspire prominent designers to discover that the idea would be a spark plug for a sneaker sales boom more than a century after.

The sneaker industry six decades ago revolved around the concept of leather or canvas for uppers and rubber materials for the sole. With several successful innovations in shoe technology, a variety of materials was made available in the assembly of shoes ranging from synthetic rubbers to mesh uppers. The idea for material modernization at that time was for addressing problems like foot injuries and comfort and helping athletes to perform better with their sport.

In the 1970s, several competing companies battled their way into closing sponsorship and collaborations with athletes and sports teams and one particular company from that mushroom cloud of a commotion was Nike. The company’s success acknowledged from running paved their way into other sports including basketball, with their release of the Nike Blazers and the Bruins, and a dress code specific sport called tennis. In the latter, a certain image was imposed and that tennis players have to wear shoes with a white colorway and Nike obliged with the league’s rules with their release of the Nike Tennis Classic.

The silhouette of tennis shoes not only inspired subsequent issues but also maintained a momentum of low cut shoe releases up to this day. It became a paramount notion for design and style for an everyday casual wear. Nowadays, the increasing demand for vintage shoe outlines is progressing with the spontaneous release of competing brands and Nike have to procure with the sneakerheads’ interest thus, the invention of the Nike Essentialist.

  • The tongue and the collar are inserted with pads for additional comfort and for ease of putting on.
  • A Nike logo patch is placed on the tongue of the shoe above that of the lace up fastening.
  • Three additional brands were created aside from the mesh upper and these includes leather, canvas, and suede materials.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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