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9 reasons to buy

  • The Nike Dart 12 was suitably lightweight, according to many of those who tried it.
  • Several testers noted that it had an adequate fit.
  • Based on a number of reviews, this model was able to deliver comfort and support to the foot, thus making the running experience more agreeable.
  • Many testers actually felt the air as it flowed into the foot-chamber and cooled their feet.
  • Some consumers wrote that wearing this shoe reduced, and even prevented, knee pain.
  • Though the color schemes were subtle, they still enticed those who have reviewed this version.
  • The price of the Nike Dart 12 gained many fans and they said that it was affordable.
  • The underfoot experience didn’t leave a lot to be desired, according to many runners; they felt that it cushioned the foot well.
  • The rubber compound in the outsole received praise because it didn’t wear off easily, and because it gripped the asphalt with ease.

6 reasons not to buy

  • Several testers noted that the arch support mechanism in this model wasn’t as efficient as the one in the previous iterations.
  • The upper fabrics started ripping off after only a few months of use, some runners reported.
  • The fabrics of the inner sleeve tore off on a consumer, causing some discomfort to their skin while wearing the shoe.
  • According to a purchaser, the underfoot platform felt stiff and it looked like it was made from plastic.
  • A tester reported that the cushioning system wore out on them after only a month of use.
  • A number of runners were actually unsupportive of the general quality of this shoe because its different sections generally fell apart on them over time.

Bottom line

The Nike Dart 12 received praise from runners who appreciated its affordable price, its agreeable underfoot cushioning system, and its overall functionality on the asphalt. Many welcomed its modern look. For them, it didn’t look too overwhelming, but it was able to satisfy their expectations. But such wasn’t the case for some consumers because they felt that it wasn’t durable and that some of its mechanisms felt lacking in terms of efficacy.

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Good to know

  • The Nike Dart 12 is an update to a long-running series of shoes meant for neutral pronators. It’s also made for those who wanted to have some mild support for the mid-foot sections of their feet, though it’s not essentially a stability shoe. Visually, it looks nice, with subtle color schemes lining its cool, modern façade. High quality components work together in order to make the running experience more agreeable.
  • The upper unit of this Nike running shoe makes use of breathable fabrics. They wrap around the foot snugly, but they do not make the coverage feel very tight. Air is enabled to enter the foot-chamber in order to maintain good levels of ventilation. A mix of stitched and fused overlays ensures security and support to the upper dimensions of the foot.
  • The mid-sole foam of the Nike Dart 12 actually follows the contours of the underfoot. It’s especially helpful for those who need some support for their arch. It doesn’t extensively stabilize the foot, but it maintains a smooth and well-supported ride.
  • Durable rubber covers the mid-sole unit and protects it from wear and tear. Small gripping lugs allow the shoe to deliver reliable traction on the asphalt. They aren’t too prominent or aggressive, that’s why this shoe is best on flat surfaces. Also, there are flex grooves in this area, and they allow the platform to be more adherent to the natural movements of the foot.

Regular measurements were used in the making of this running shoe. It comes in sizes that adhere to the standard preferences of men and women. The available width is medium. It accommodates those with medium sized feet. It has a semi-curved shape, and it follows the natural curvature of the human foot.

The outsole unit of the Nike Dart 12 features a durable rubber material. It protects the rest of the sole unit from the abrasive nature of the asphalt. It also delivers traction, which is helpful in gaining more control over the ground.

Flex grooves make the platform more flexible. It’s very helpful in terms of allowing the foot of the wearer to move more naturally as it goes through the gait cycle. The same level of flexibility can also be experienced with the Nike Revolution 4

A responsive foam unit delivers reliable cushioning to the foot. It makes sure to keep the runner well-supported as they tackle their running sessions. It doesn’t have a stiff or unwieldy disposition. It even follows the contours of the underfoot, essentially providing support to the arch and other areas that aren’t typically cushioned.

Breathable mesh makes up the main cover system of the Nike Dart 12. It covers the dimensions of the foot well, but it doesn’t limit its movements. It’s soft and responsive to the natural motion of the foot. It also accommodates airflow, which is helpful in maintaining ventilation for the interior foot-chamber.

A mix of stitched and fused overlays cover the mesh material. They provide integrity to the structure of the upper, while also providing a snug & secure fit. They’re connected to the lacing system, so they adapt to the tightening and loosening of the shoelaces.


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