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Newton running shoes

Newton is an established footwear brand known for providing quality shoes that encourage an efficient running form. It is inspired by Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion which says, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” 

Designed with comfort and performance in mind, Newton running shoes are created to support all types of runners, from newbies to professionals. 

What sets Newton running shoes from other brands 

Known for their natural running footwear, Newton designs comfortable shoes that allow the foot to connect to the ground without being barefoot. Here are some of the unique features of Newton running shoes:

  • Level platform: Newton shoes are constructed with a low heel-to-toe drop to encourage landing on the midfoot to forefoot. This platform also puts the user in a position to run naturally and efficiently. 
  • Trampoline-like cushioning: Built with Action/Reaction Technology, Newton shoes deliver quicker bounce back and a more responsive ride than the traditional foam-core shoes. 
  • Full-foot cushioning: Featuring Newtonium technology, Newton shoes deliver comfortable and durable underfoot protection to ensure a smooth and stable ride. 

Newton running shoes for men and women

RunRepeat offers various Newton running shoe selections that cater to different foot pronation. Among the leading models are the Newton Gravity and Newton Distance collections. These shoes are ideal for neutral runners seeking lightweight shoes for daily and long-distance runs.

Other popular series are the Newton Kismet and Newton Motion. These stability running shoes are equipped with supportive features that help minimize the impact of overpronation (when the foot excessively rolls inward). 

Whether you’re looking for high-performance shoes for jogging or marathons, we have it all for you. Using our customizable filters, you will be able to find the shoe that fits your preference.