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  1. Any color
    Nike Precision 3 - Multicolour Black Mtlc Red Bronze Lt Current Blue 005 (AQ7495005)
    Nike Precision 3 - White (AQ7495100)
    Nike Precision 3 - Black (AQ7495002)
    Nike Precision 3 - Grigio Cool Grey Dk Grey Platinum Tint Lab Green 007 (AQ7495007)
    Nike Precision 3 - Nero Black Mtlc Copper Thunder Grey Gum Med Brown White 006 (AQ7495006)
    Nike Precision 3 - Lt Smoke Grey Midnight Navy (AQ7495008)
    £80 £52 Save 35%
  2. Any color
    Nike LeBron Witness 4 - Gray (CV4004001)
    Nike LeBron Witness 4 - Navy (CV4004401)
    Nike LeBron Witness 4 - Red (CV4004600)
    Nike LeBron Witness 4 - Black (BV7427001)
    Nike LeBron Witness 4 - Black (BV7427006)
    £110 £56 Save 49%
  3. Any color
    Adidas Harden Vol 3 - Multi (EE9598)
    Adidas Harden Vol 3 - Core Black (BB7723)
    Adidas Harden Vol 3 - Purple (B42005)
    Adidas Harden Vol 3 - Blue (G54024)
    Adidas Harden Vol 3 - Purple (G26813)
    £150 £64 Save 57%
  4. £210 £165 Save 21%
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  6. £100 £56 Save 44%
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  14. £190 £83 Save 56%
  15. £160 £138 Save 14%
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buy basketball shoes for men and women

Basketball shoes

Because basketball involves a lot of running and is usually played in a gymnasium, you may think that a pair of runners or trainers is going to do the trick. But why settle with anything when you can actually buy basketball shoes that address the unique needs of this sport?

Basketball shoe brands

Nike leads the basketball shoe industry with its successful signature lines for players LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Paul George, and Kobe Bryant. Add to this the immense success of Nike subsidiary Jordan and you will see that The Swoosh is indeed a force to reckon with on the basketball court.

As if their current combined offers are not enough, Nike and Jordan continue to assert their dominance through the launch of new signature collections for Giannis Antetokounmpo and Russell Westbrook

Germany-based Adidas comes in close second with its highly anticipated signature collections for James Harden, Damian Lillard, and Derrick Rose.  

With Stephen Curry as its lead endorser, Under Armour deserves its place beside Nike and Adidas. 

Basketball performance or sneakers style? Take both

Who says fashion sneakers cannot function on the court? Basketball shoes are as technical as they are handsome. Given the wide array of basketball colorways, you can definitely find a shoe for every outfit both on and off the court. But all the good looks and the great technologies can be overwhelming. If you need a little help, our detailed guide on basketball shoes is at your service.

Get basketball sneakers for less

Here at RunRepeat, we already did all the dirty work for you. We compiled reviews and compared prices so that you can get the basketball shoes that you like at the best price. We also compile a list of cheap basketball shoes that deliver as well, if not better, as their costlier counterparts. These options are usually from take-down offers and non-signature lines from the top brands. Quality doesn’t always have to slash your pockets, you know.