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Allen Iverson basketball shoes

Like Nike and Adidas, Reebok releases Allen Iverson basketball shoes yearly. The lifetime contract that he inked with the company in 2001 denotes that we will continue to see Reebok basketball shoes with the I3 mark. Like the LeBron and Kobe sneakers, Iverson's shoes are equipped with technologies that effectively enhance performance.

Iverson sneakers are usually available for both men and women. In fact, some models have colorways that are borne out of collaborations with female celebrities such as designer Melody Ehsani and Iverson's own wife and daughters.

The Logos on Allen Iverson Basketball Shoes

Though Allen Iverson has a bold hairstyle and plenty of tattoos, his signature shoes are kept simple as far as logos and symbolisms are concerned. 

  • I3. The I3 has become the legacy of Allen Iverson. It simply denotes his jersey number 3 with the Philadelphia 76ers and the initial of his last name.
  • Question logo. The Question logo was designed not specifically for Allen Iverson but for Reebok. With its beautiful execution, the Vector logo is neatly integrated to the letter Q, which symbolizes the first Allen Iverson signature shoe the Reebok Question.
  • THE REALIST. Considered as one of the most misunderstood and intelligent basketball athletes of all time, Allen Iverson was tagged as The Realist. In an interview, he advised people to be real and learn from experience. He was also called the term when he got his hair braided on the bench. This symbolism is found at the outsole of the Reebok Answer 7.