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    Reebok Question Mid - Carbon/Faux Indigo-White (FX0987)
    Reebok Question Mid - Navy/White/Red (H01281)
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    Reebok Shaqnosis - Black/Yellow-Red-White (V51849)
    Reebok Shaqnosis - Blue (V51848)
    Reebok Shaqnosis - Silver (V51850)
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Reebok basketball shoes

Reebok was founded by Joe and Jeff Foster in 1895. In 2005, Reebok was acquired by the industry leader Adidas. The two huge companies united, but the two brands still continue to operate independently. 

Reebok has several basketball signature lines such as the Answer, the J Wall, and the Shaq. The company boasts materials and technologies that make their shoe models of the same league as the shoes produced by the formidable Swoosh and the steadily rising Under Armour

The On-Court Greats: NBA Stars and their Reebok basketball shoes

Bowing only to the famous Michael Jordan signature line, Allen Iverson’s line of Reebok Answer basketball shoes is the second all-time best. In the present time, he is the captain and coach of BIG3 along with other former NBA basketball players. BIG3 is a basketball league founded by Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz.

Retired basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, or more famously known as Shaq, is also a Reebok athete. He signed with Reebok while in college, getting five million dollars a year for five years. A business-minded individual, he demanded creative control over all his commercials and perhaps even his basketball shoes, and he dreamed of trademarking his signature logo. It proved to be a wise decision, as his well-received Shaq shoes are still making rounds in the market up to this day.

John Wall was with Reebok before he become a representative of Adidas. Reebok him the face of Reebok in 2010 before he was even drafted. He already had three J Wall shoes in his signature line with Reebok when he made the big leap to the Three Stripes.