Who should buy the Nike LeBron 20

Aside from LeBron James fans, the 20th Nike LeBron basketball shoe is also great for the following:

  • bigger players who want a lot of cushioning
  • more agile players who value speed and footwork
  • buyers with a more generous budget
  • wearers who look for a performance shoe that's OK for casual use
  • athletes who usually play on indoor courts

Nike Lebron 20 nike-lebron-20-collar

Who should NOT buy this LeBron James signature shoe from Nike

The Nike LeBron 20 is not for players who want a shoe that hits the ground running. This shoe still needs some break-in time. They are better off with the Nike KD 15. If they are willing to try shoes from other brands, the Under Armour Spawn 3 is a good pick.

Nike Lebron 20 nike-lebron-20-forefoot

This shoe is also not durable enough for outdoor games. Hoopers who love to play in the open air are advised to go for the Nike Cosmic Unity.

The Nike LeBron 20: An amazing low-top

An expert shares that the twentieth LeBron from Nike Basketball is "definitely the best low-top basketball shoe" he has ever tried in recent memory. He adds that because of the shoe's "tremendous engineering," it is able to play like mid or a high even if it's actually a true low-top. A commenter agrees and says that the LeBron 20 is "one of the nicest LeBrons to come out." 

Nike Lebron 20 nike-lebron-20-top-lateral

The LeBron 20 is surprisingly speedy

An expert is surprised that this basketball shoe is "tremendously nimble." He says that the shoe's multidirectional bite and really supportive structure help it achieve and maintain high speeds.

A grip that has everything covered

A player describes the traction of the LeBron 20 as "top-tier" and he says that it "stuck like glue" even on dusty surfaces. Another expert happily declares that the Nike LeBron 20 is the "best gripping shoe of the year." He adds that it's the non-uniform pattern on the outsole that helps the shoe grab the floor in a lot of different directions. 

Nike Lebron 20 nike-lebron-20-sole

Outdoor use is a no-no

After performing a durability test on the outsole, an expert concludes that the "durability of the rubber is not there, the playability of the rubber certainly is." He adds that the traction is much better on an organic surface like hardwood, so using the LeBron 20 only for indoor games is practical.

Enjoy plush cushioning with the Nike LeBron 20

Experts say that the midsole tooling is definitely soft. One of them even described the consistency of the foam as similar to "cookie dough that's been in the freezer for a little while." He says that it's soft enough to ensure comfort but firm enough not to flat out quite easily. With this, he concludes that the LeBron 20's cushioning system is "really meant for a lot of contours [and] a lot of comfort."

Nike Lebron 20 nike-lebron-20-cushion

There's a lot of energy return

The frozen cookie dough reference might lead one to think that the cushion is dense, but this is not really the case. The midsole tooling is actually able to deliver a lot of energy return. A player who describes the whole setup as "super bouncy." 

Court feel is not forgotten

There is a Zoom unit in the forefoot, and it reportedly brings more ground feel to that area. According to wearers, this enhances control and confidence for shifty footwork and agility.

Snug fit: Take it or make adjustments

An expert describes the fit of the Nike LeBron 20 as "incredibly tapered," especially around the forefoot. Those with narrow and medium-sized feet can go true to size if they want a snug, one-to-one fit. Otherwise, going up half a size is recommended.

Nike Lebron 20 nike-lebron-20-topview

Enjoy a comfortable upper

An athlete reports that the lining is "super padded" and feels very comfortable. Another reviewer shares that while the upper is not as bad as he thought, there is still a need to be wary of toe drags.

Lockdown: Not a problem with the LeBron 20

An avid reviewer is happy that this basketball shoe offers "incredible lockdown" and is "tremendously containing." He adds that there really is no problem even if players do "incredibly violent movements" while wearing this shoe.

Nike Lebron 20 nike-lebron-20-laces

LeBron 20: Pretty on and off the court

Wearers point out that the 20th Nike LeBron looks fantastic. One of them even adds that the LeBron 20 is a shoe that he can see "connecting with his (LeBron James's) kids." He simply means that even LeBron James's offsprings are happy to wear this shoe because of how cool it looks.

Facts / Specs

Top: Low
Signature: LeBron James
Lockdown: Lace-Up
Collection: Nike Lebron
Colorways: Green / Black / White / Purple / Red / Orange / Grey
SKUs: DJ5423001 / DJ5423002 / DJ5423100 / DJ5423300 / DJ5423500 / DJ5423800 / DQ3828900 / DV1193600 / DV1193901 / FJ4955300

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