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  1. Any color
    Nike LeBron 17 - Grey (CT3466001)
    Nike LeBron 17 - Purple (CD5050400)
    Nike LeBron 17 - Red (BQ3177601)
    Nike LeBron 17 - White (CT6047100)
    Nike LeBron 17 - Blue (CT6047400)
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  2. Any color
    Nike LeBron Witness 4 - Gray (CV4004001)
    Nike LeBron Witness 4 - Navy (CV4004401)
    Nike LeBron Witness 4 - Red (CV4004600)
    Nike LeBron Witness 4 - Black (BV7427006)
    Nike LeBron Witness 4 - Black (BV7427001)
    £110 £83 Save 25%
  3. Any color
    Nike Lebron 17 Low - Black (CD5007001)
    Nike Lebron 17 Low - White (CD5007101)
    Nike Lebron 17 Low - White (CD5007200)
    Nike Lebron 17 Low - Grey (CD5007004)
    Nike Lebron 17 Low - Black (CD5007002)
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buy lebron james basketball shoes for men and women

LeBron James basketball shoes

Though repeatedly challenged by brands such as Adidas and Under Armour, Nike for years has emerged as the top-performing brand in the basketball shoe market. Within Nike Basketball, one name rises above all else, and that is LeBron James. The quick power forward currently has a lifetime deal with Nike, and new LeBron basketball shoes are released year after year. 

Nike LeBron: The Main Line

The main signature line for LeBron James started in 2003 with the Nike Air Zoom Generation. Since then, a new shoe is dropped every year, each with an attempt to outperform the one that went before it. 

LeBron's main signature releases are often bearers of Nike's new technology. For example, Nike LeBron 17 is the first to use the brand's Knitposite technology for uppers. The Nike LeBron 15 became the first release to have both Zoom and Max Air in its midsole. Indeed, LeBron James and his signature line lead Nike in inventing and innovating for the betterment of the game.

Ambassadors, Witnesses, and other LeBron James basketball shoes

Dubbed as The King of the court, LeBron James is a highly popular figure whose fame cut across classes and cultures. To tap as many sectors of the market as possible, Nike Basketball produces other lines for the NBA star. The Nike LeBron Ambassadors are a line of shoes that target The King's Asian fans. The Nike LeBron Soldiers and the Nike LeBron Witnesses target the middle and lower levels of the price hierarchy respectively. 

Just because they are not part of the flagship line doesn't really mean that they are of inferior quality. On the contrary, there are players who swear by the performance of even the cheapest LeBron basketball shoes.