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  1. Any color
    Jordan Jumpman Diamond Mid - Grey (CI1204100)
    Jordan Jumpman Diamond Mid - Multicolore Black Metallic Silver White 001 (CI1204001)
    Jordan Jumpman Diamond Mid - Black (530250530)
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  2. Any color
    Jordan Legacy 312 Low - White/Aquamarine-ultramarine-neon Yellow (CD7069103)
    Jordan Legacy 312 Low - Multi (CD7069106)
    Jordan Legacy 312 Low - Multicolor (CD7069041)
    Jordan Legacy 312 Low - Gunsmoke Coral Stardust Light Bone (CD7069002)
    £130 £65 Save 50%
  3. Any color
    Jordan B. Fly - Blau Soar Black White (881444402)
    Jordan B. Fly - Black/White (881444009)
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Michael Jordan basketball shoes

Every once in a while, an athlete emerges and dominates his or her sport. However, only a select few make such a serious impact that they transcend their game and become cultural icons. NBA superstar Michael Jordan is one such athlete. He is widely regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time or simply put the GOAT.

However, it seemed that no one predicted that Michael would become the icon that he is today when he was just starting. He was picked behind Hakeem Olajuwon and Sam Bowie during the 1984 NBA Draft, and his favored sneaker brands Adidas and Converse were not so keen on partnering with him.

Even before playing a single game in the NBA, Michael’s agent David Falk envisioned something big for the young superstar. While negotiating with shoe companies, David pitched the idea of creating a new line of shoes for Michael instead of him just wearing their ready-made sneakers.

Realizing the potential in Falk’s vision, Nike made a special presentation to sell Michael Jordan basketball shoes and was able to sign the young star to a groundbreaking five-year $2.5 million contract with the potential to earn around $7 million during its course.

During the 1984-1985 season, Air Jordan was born.  His signature MJ shoes become icons because they were tied to significant points in Mike's life and career such as his first NBA title and the game that he helped win even as he was sick with the flu. 

The line was so successful that it become a company of its own, called the Jordan brand, that now also produces illustrious lines for players like Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, and Russell Westbrook. As for Mike's personal line, it still continues to grow every reason. This line, though, suffered a hiccup when the company oversaturated the market with new and retro releases. As a result, many Michael Jordan basketball shoes are forcibly sold at lower prices, affecting their prestige. Fortunately, the Jordan brand corrected this in 2018 by making Air Jordans exclusive again.

Flight Calendar: Freshest Michael Jordan Basketball Shoes for Sale

When MJ was still playing, Michael Jordan fans have come to expect the release of the newest MJ shoes during the All-Star break, though he would wear-test his latest signature Michael Jordan basketball shoes during the first half of the season. 

In recent years, new MJ shoes are being released around a month before the start of the NBA season.