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  1. Any color
    Nike Precision 4 - Gray (CK1069007)
    Nike Precision 4 - Blue (CK1069400)
    Nike Precision 4 - Black White (CK1069001)
    Nike Precision 4 - black/mtlc gold/dk smoke grey (CK1069002)
    Nike Precision 4 - Rosso Nero (CK1069600)
    Nike Precision 4 - White (CK1069100)
    £70 £49 Save 30%
  2. Any color
    Nike Precision 3 - Black (AQ7495002)
    Nike Precision 3 - Grigio Cool Grey Dk Grey Platinum Tint Lab Green 007 (AQ7495007)
    Nike Precision 3 - Nero Black Mtlc Copper Thunder Grey Gum Med Brown White 006 (AQ7495006)
    Nike Precision 3 - Multicolour Dark Grey Metallic Gold White Black 000 (AQ7495003)
    Nike Precision 3 - White/Black (AQ7495100)
    £70 £49 Save 30%
  3. Any color
    Puma Ralph Sampson Mid - Puma White/Puma Black/Puma Team Gold (36865301)
    £90 £46 Save 49%
  4. £90 £60 Save 33%
  5. £90 £68 Save 24%
  6. £90 £45 Save 50%
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  12. £90 £79 Save 12%
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Cheap basketball shoes

Cheap basketball shoes are not necessarily hard to find. They come in different types, and the major ones are discussed here. 

Non-signature basketball shoes

While the basketball shoe brands’ most well-known offers come from their celebrated partnerships with NBA stars, they also offer non-signature alternatives at a much lower price. 

Nike basketball has its line of Air Max Infuriates, for example. Adidas, for its part, makes available a line of Pro Next shoes and the much older Crazy Explosives. 

Cheap signature basketball shoes

Nike leads the basketball shoe industry with its successful signature lines for players LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Paul George, and Kobe Bryant. For at least two of these players, the brand also produces lines of cheap basketball shoes, or at least more affordable ones: 

  • LeBron James has his Soldier line.
  • Kyrie Irving has his hyped Flytrap series.

Old basketball shoe models now on sale

Basketball shoe sellers do not immediately phase out older models the moment new ones come out. Though the newer releases are touted as “better and improved” versions, there are still buyers who prefer the good old ones. 

And their preference is for a good reason. Aside from the fact that older basketball shoe models still perform, they are often available at much-reduced prices. 

Here at Runrepeat, we make it easier for you to compare a shoe with others in the same collection. Just to cite an example, Damian Lillard’s line is already on its sixth release, but many other users still recommend the Dame 5