41 best Nike road running shoes (November 2017)

10,728 runners reviewed these shoes with an average score of 88/100

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At more than 100,000 reviews in its wake, Nike consistently shows that it is arguably the brand of authority when it comes to footwear. From out of the box, each Nike pair is a product of painstaking research and innovation that is designed to provide fantastic fit, comfort, and long-lasting performance. Road shoes being the first of its many designs, these shoes are packaged with the very best Nike has to offer.

What does Nike offer with their best road shoes?

  • The best Nike road shoes are engineered to be a jack of all trades. They have sufficient cushioning and responsiveness that are indispensable in various fitness regimens. These shoes can be used as an everyday workhorse that is essential for a person to achieve his health-related targets.
  • Among the Swoosh’s line up of road shoes are also lightweight versions that could double as race day shoes. Although cushioning is very noticeable, these shoes are lightweight enough to induce speed with every stride.
  • Responsiveness in the midsole are the responsibility of Nike’s reliable Lunarlon or Phylon foams. These are extremely lightweight and resilient padding that absorb shock upon landing and translates the impact for enhanced heel to toe transition.
  • The best Nike road shoes would be ideal for people who are taking their first foray into running. Premium cushioning and their lightweight nature would allow these beginners to thoroughly enjoy their initial try at running. The shoe’s durability would also let them enjoy for a long time their hard earned investment at a running specific shoe.
  • Elite runners could also do well with these shoes. In the right foot, the technologies offered by Nike could be devastating in races and would be of great help in keeping average runners fit.
  • Grip on varied surfaces is another area where the best Nike road shoes truly excel in. The right combination of blown rubber at the forefoot and the sturdier BRS carbon rubber near the heel area automatically assures the runner of the shoe’s ability to take wet tracks, uneven paths, and soft trail with aplomb.
  • Several versions of these popular Nike road shoes have reflective materials that would be badly needed in pre-dawn runs or runs made in low visibility areas.
  • Stylish, chic, and ultra modern. Who wouldn’t want to run with a shoe that would definitely turn heads by sheer style and design alone?

What are the factors in getting the best Nike road shoes?

  • Heel to Toe Drop. Runners who would want the traditional shoes can go with the Nike road shoes with 8mm heel offset or higher while runners who would want better road perception can go with lowered versions of these road shoes that sport a heel differential of 8mm or below.
  • Arch Support. Nike, like every other shoe brand, caters to people with every type of foot mechanics. There are shoes that are built for neutral runners, overpronators, or underpronators. Arch support is mainly used for runners with low arches or runners who overpronate.
  • Weight. Nike road shoes are generally average in weight. 6 to 9oz would be ideal for runners who would want to make the most out of these amazing road shoes.