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11 reasons to buy

  • Many considered the low-top Nike Tennis Classic Ultra Leather to be lightweight.
  • Some considered this sneaker for corporate wear.
  • The perforated logo is liked by several users as it offers a classy look.
  • A vouched by a good sum of purchasers , this shoe offers superb cushioning.
  • Several users said it gets comfier after ample break-in time.
  • As cited in a couple of reviews, this kick are flexible enough.
  • The Nike Tennis Classic Ultra Leather is a bang for the buck that wearers are enticed to grab more than a pair.
  • A practical choice of multi-purpose sneaker for everyday wear, as stated by quite a lot of users.
  • It serves as a decent school shoe and a warm-up tennis shoe, according to a parent who bought this Tennis Classic Ultra Leather sneaker for his teen son.
  • Premium leather on the upper is soft and durable.
  • So easy to wipe off dust and dirt from its smooth cover.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Less than a handful of reviewers noted that the tongue offers discomfort as it rubs against their instep.
  • Few buyers feel that this sneaker used cheap upper materials as the top part creases easily.

Bottom line

Consumers who opt for a clean-looking lifestyle sneaker, free of loud and flashy labels all over it, are being attracted to the Nike Tennis Classic Ultra Leather. The perforated design on the upper offers a minimalist touch to this shoe, making it flexible to pair with several clothes from every day, corporate, or school use. Although a few reviewers noticed some flaws, many are lauding its affordability. 


Expert Reviews

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The unisex, low-top Nike Tennis Classic Ultra Leather is basically true to size which may appear long in the forefoot. The sizes available for the women are from 6.5 to 12 US and 7 to 14 US for the men’s. This sneaker with a lace-up closure comes in medium width measurement.

Just like a legendary tennis player making his return on the court, the Nike Wimbledon comes back with new name and style that is more appropriate for streetwear than on the lawn, clay or carpet courts. Rebranded as the Nike Tennis Classic Ultra Leather, this low-top sneaker beams with a clean upper finish made of leather. It provides diverse wearability, ranging from broad to skinny jeans, straight to slim pants, slacks, sweatpants, shorts, skirts, and a lot more.

The low-top Nike Tennis Classic Ultra Leather offers a timeless, minimalist style which fosters a classy allure with its predominantly single-colored upper, contrasted by a heel patch. The subtle appearance of the Swoosh logo on the side panels promotes a sophisticated look to this casual, sporty sneaker which is made of premium leather. The clean exterior can be easily paired with any casual clothing. Just like any sneakers under Nike tagged as Ultra, this sneaker is lightweight.

Back in the early 1980s, Nike released a tennis shoe named Wimbledon GTS which stands for “greatest tennis shoe.” This shoe was made explicitly for top seeder John McEnroe, who preferred Nike sneakers during Wimbledon matches and successfully acing the games. One of the most recent remakes of the Wimbledon GTS under the Nike casual sneaker catalog is the Nike GTS 16 TXT.

At that time, lawn players follow strict dress codes at Wimbledon tournaments. The first of the ten commandments notably indicated that players need to be garbed in complete white apparel. Even off-whites or creams are prohibited. And, yes, their shoes have to be all-white as well, from the upper to the outsole.  Some players have come up with ways to stand out on the grass courts, indirectly contravening the tennis dress regulations.

An almost unbeatable American tennis competitor McEnroe challenged the All England Club members when he was seen on the court wearing the patriotic USA colors on his sleeves, headband, socks while sporting the Wimbledon GTS. This all-leather tennis shoe, commercialized in 1982, has a trademark light Swoosh branding prominently displayed on the side panels and heel tab.

Popularized by McEnroe, the Nike Wimbledon GTS, or simply Nike Wimbledon is considered a significant model in Nike’s roster of Tennis Classics, namely T-toed Nike Oregon, tab-toed Nike Bruin, and Nike Killshot. In 1985, the Nike Wimbledon was revamped a little bit with a smaller Swoosh labeling and a more shallow outsole. Its production was halted in 1996 and was re-launched in 2002.

The Nike Wimbledon is one of the Tennis Classics that is being reissued over and over with slight reinterpretations. One of the up-to-date Nike tennis-rooted kicks is the Nike Tennis Classic Ultra Leather which replaced the blue Swoosh from the original model with a perforated logo on the side panels.

  • The sole of the Nike Tennis Classic Ultra Leather low-top sneaker has a thickness of 1.25 inches.
  • Nike uses Phylon midsole for this sneaker, which has a weight that is very light.
  • Long-lasting rubber rests underneath this sneaker.
  • Its outsole is made with a herringbone or zigzag pattern which offers extra traction.
  • Retroed Nike shoes with Ultra tooling are usually similar to original form yet offers a lightweight structure.
  • Australian actress and producer Margot Robbie was spotted wearing a patched up boyfriend jeans and a Nike Tennis Classic Ultra Leather sneaker.
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