Nike SB Heritage Vulc slides, glides, shuvits, and grinds in style

Heritage Vulc from Nike Skateboarding borrows its style from the Swoosh-brand’s OG running kicks like the Waffle Racer, Air Tailwind, and Daybreak that’s cranked up with skate-ready elements. Instead of a full suede upper, this shoe thins out on the side using durable canvas, as seen in other Nike SB choices such as the Chron Solarsoft and Team Classic. Like the Nike SB Heritage Vulc, these aforementioned skates come in gum and rubber sole options. 

Who is it for?

  • It’s meant to impress skaters and non-skaters who embrace classic aesthetics. Cargo/Sage, the signature colorway of Nike SB team rider Eniz Fazilov, is just one of its several shades.
  • Fast gliding skaters who prefer a tacky sole will be drawn to get glued to their boards repeatedly using this shoe as it comes with a grippy herringbone underside. 
  • Skaters scouring for a shoe that won’t get busted after a few kickflips might approve of this style built with a suede forefoot, hard-wearing outsole, and waxed laces. 
  • Laidback urbanists in search of a versatile sneaker that’s easy to fuse with strings of casual and sporty outfits might get hooked with its timeless flair. 


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