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The Nike Rhyodomo is a good fit while on the go. Although it is made available in men's sizes, women who are still up for this pair of winter boots may check out 2 or 1.5 size smaller. 

It is a high-top sneaker that gives more support as it keeps your ankle in position. Its genuine and synthetic leather upper holds the foot in place and provides support to the wearer. It is also a lace-up style that can securely fit on the wearer's foot.

The midsole provides a good and durable cushioning enabling it to withstand the impact even when treading on a wet trail. Its padded insole also provides ease and comfort for the whole day.

Perfect for the outdoors, the Nike Rhyodomo is a casual inspired shoe sporting a rugged design. It is made of smooth and durable leather that can stand the cold winter season. Besides the protection it provides, it is neat and classy which leaves a simple statement. 

This sneaker-style boot is designed with metal lace clasps and stitched overlays, which give it a premium look and boosts up the rugged factor of the shoe. 

It comes in neutral colors which can easily be matched with any everyday wear.

Designed purposefully for winter, the Rhyodomo boasts an overlay of genuine and synthetic leather added with a water-repellant coating for its upper, which keeps the foot warm and dry from the moisture of the rain or snow. It also displays a lugged rubber outsole providing durable traction and grip on any surfaces.

Nike has been shaping the sports and fashion scene with its durable and quality made products. It was established in Eugene, Oregon by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight back in 1964. It first started as Blue Ribbon Sports but soon rebranded itself to Nike, Inc in 1971. This rebranding helped them in becoming a household name.

It came with innovative ideas that helped in shaping the shoe industry. Nike incorporated its shoes with a variety of advanced technology, boosting the overall performance of the boot and improving the user's experience. With technologies such as the Air or the Flywire, Nike was able to bring more possibilities in developing top-quality products. Up to this day, Nike has continuously made improvements to its technology, earning them a foothold as one of the top brands. 

Besides releasing shoes for sports, Nike has expanded its product line by showcasing shoes for running, fashion, or any kind of lifestyle. They have also released sought after products that would go well for every season. 

The Nike Rhyodomo was first released in 2019 as part of its winter collection. Taking inspiration from a casual sneaker-style boot, the Rhyodomo was made with premium leather and rubber sole featuring large lugs. 

  • The Nike Rhyodomo comes with rounded laces made from 4mm nylon.
  • The ACG-inspired logo is visible on the tongue.
  • Perforations are added on the sides, making the shoe more breathable.

Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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