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6 reasons to buy

  • A few reviewers love the Nike ISPA React shoes' distinctive and "dope" styling, which includes the angled lacing system.
  • The sneakers’ comfort level is out there, according to some testers.
  • One person has told of the huge amount of attention he gets whenever he wears these shoes from Nike.
  • The shoes are extremely breathable, gushes one user.
  • Nike React ISPA sneakers carry the fabled React tech, which offers superior cushioning and energy return.
  • A user likes the reflective accents in the shoes.

1 reasons not to buy

  • Some users are confused about how to tie their Nike ISPA Reacts properly because the laces come undone quickly.

Bottom line

Nike ISPA React shoes carry a formidable set of characteristics that users want to see in their shoes: ventilation, lightness, and function. And don’t forget style. Oodles of style.

There should be no confusion with these shoes. They’re not your usual sneakers. You see these kicks, and you will instantly know they’re ISPA Reacts. They don’t resemble anything else.  With the renowned React soles, comfort is a certainty in this sneaker.


Expert Reviews

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The Nike ISPA React sneakers, also called Nike ISPA React Runners, have a low profile that gives them ultimate mobility, according to the ISPA standards of functionality. One of their standout features is the unique lacing system that leans over to one side of each shoe. Hiker laces complete the look.

Nike's answer to the Boost by its competitor Adidas is the React plugged soles that will let you wear the shoes for hours and hours on end. The translucent rubber pods on the combined midsoles and outsoles offer a powerful grip on the ground for a smooth and uninterrupted ride.

The double mesh uppers provide ample ventilation to the feet while giving you a lightweight feel. The perforated fabric and the airy feel of the shoes make it perfect for the dry summer months. 

As of the moment, Nike ISPA Reacts are sold in men’s sizing only. Women can still don a pair provided they remember that there’s a 1.5 shoe measurement difference between men’s and women’s shoe sizes, with the latter being smaller. 

Nike’s ISPA React shoes are best for sportswear and casual clothing styles based on its cool, futuristic look. One way to wear these kicks is to put on khaki pants, a bright-colored shirt—perhaps red—a denim jacket, and socks in the same hue or lighter than your shoes.

An outfit of all black will put the spotlight on your kicks. Wear with joggers and a hoodie, or jeans and a plain round neck shirt.

The colorway for the Nike ISPA Reacts is ghost aqua/black/total crimson.

These Nike shoes are part of the ISPA project, which alone should mean that function and utility are the main priorities in their engineering and construction. The sneakers are built for speed and for the adventurous soul who needs to be constantly on the go. 

The shoes feature the famed React technology on the soles. This tech combines all the characteristics that runners want the most in their kicks: durability, cushioning, lightness, and energy return. Many have tried but failed to combine all of these four together, which is why the release of the React was such a momentous occasion.

In the ISPA React, Nike uncaged the React technology to fully exhibit the shoes’ potential on the road. The React foam offers 13% more return on energy when compared to the brand’s Lunarlon. 

In 2017, Nike debuted the React technology for its basketball shoes. Promising a better return on energy than the brand’s popular Lunarlon, the tech instantly wowed those who tried it. Because of its massive reception, it was not surprising that Nike brought the tech over to its running and lifestyle categories as well.

  The ISPA Program

For 2018, the Swoosh company decided to offer a mid-cut follow up to its React Element 55 and React Element 87 lifestyle running shoes, but it added a twist to the new release. This new silhouette (Nike React LW WR Mid ISPA) would debut Nike’s newest program, which it calls ISPA for Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, and Adapt. The shoes belonging to the ISPA program would be scattered across categories, and not just confined to its athletic divisions.

According to ISPA designer Darryl Matthews, the program is about collecting existing innovations and pulling them into this particular category. The tech will be improved upon and adapted according to the user’s specific needs.

The React LW WR Mid ISPA sneakers were definitely adapted to a particular need, in this case, that of the city dweller’s. These kicks featured water-resistant uppers reminiscent of the LunarTerraArktos and the soles of the React Element 87s. A trio of colorways was introduced with the release.

A low-profile version of these kicks soon followed bearing much of the same features. A trio of colorways also debuted with the lows. Colorways for the ISPA React WR Lows include summit white, black, and velvet brown.

  ISPA React

In June 2019, Nike came out with another low-cut build. This time though, it removed the water-resistant cleaties of the previous low version and replaced them with perforated mesh for better ventilation. The shoes still contained the distinctive tape-like uppers of the versions before them. 

  • The tape-like accents found on the uppers of the Nike ISPA Reacts are influenced by the Apollo 13 and the duct tape the crew used to save their lives.
  • The shoes retail for $160.
  • These kicks contain reflective elements and textured TPU heel clips. 
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