We spent 8.9 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

9 reasons to buy

  • Many reviewers pointed out that the cool and breathable textile of the upper makes the Nike AM Zero Breathe perfect summer footwear.
  • A large number of users claimed the shoes are lightweight and good for a quick run, a gym session or a walk around the city.
  • Despite its thin breathable upper, some users claimed it doesn’t crease or wear easily and instead stays firm and supportive to the shape of the sneaker.
  • Several wearers noted how comfortable the shoes are with its plush in-shoe feel coming from the soft textile cushioning inside the shoes.
  • A good number of customers observed how comfortable the injected sole unit is that is suitable for long walks and runs.
  • Numerous wearers love the Air Max unit at the heel as it is responsive to shocks and impacts.
  • Some customers appreciate the design of the tongue and collar which is seamless for easy on and off without the tongue bothering with the fitting.
  • Several users liked the seamless design and molded overlays of the Nike Air Max Zero Breathe that makes it lightweight and durable.
  • Some buyers commented on the good grip and traction of the rubber soles.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A handful of reviewers claimed the Air Max Zero Breathe may not be the best footwear during inclement weather such as a sudden heavy downpour as water also seeps through it.
  • Some commented that the Air Max silhouette sometimes looks the same and boring even with different colorways and materials.

Bottom line

With a leaner and breathable textile material as upper, Nike Air Max Zero Breathe is your perfect summer companion. The feet are given a breather with ample cushioning, shock absorption, and stability by a responsive Air Max unit and air cushioning system that has been the reliable trademark of the line.

This promising shoe takes a breather from the usual all-leather or synthetic rubber material as it shifts to an airy and cool design fit to keep your feet comfortable during long runs or walks.  



A top rated sneaker
A top rated Nike sneaker
It has never been more popular than this May

With a tongue-less design and flat lacing, the Nike Air Max Zero Breathe has a snug fit that runs true to size. Shoe width is at medium-D or B for men and women. Shoe sizes range from US size 7 to 13 for men and US size 5 to 11 for women.

The Nike Air Max silhouette has always been a running sneaker fan’s favorite.  But the recent iterations from Nike have been a showcase of the design’s evolution from that of a performance running shoe into a lifestyle sneaker. The Nike Air Max Zero Breathe still embodies the ultra-comfortable lifestyle that the Nike brand wants to project out of Tinker Hatfield’s original sketch and Graeme McMillan's interpretation to make this sketch into a reality. This seemingly popular design of visible air cushioning gives wearers a sense of a confidence boost and positive vibes just donning a pair of the Nike Air Max line.

The Nike Air Max Zero Breathe has worked wonders into retaining that popular silhouette with breathier materials that can be worn all day and all throughout the hot summer months. The shoe projects a style and upper materials as a great summer footwear. Colorways of the shoe have also been crucial in making the Nike Air Max line such a great success. With collaborations with designers and other sneaker retailers, what results yearly is an Air Max ready for sports, fashion, fitness, and other regular activities. Interesting colorways of the Nike Air Max Zero Breathe includes Pale Grey, Midnight Navy, Gray, Sail White, and Olive.

The air cushioning technology coupled with the lighter sole and seamless design seems to be the Nike Air Max Zero’s most notable features. But what sets it apart from other Air Max shoes is the breathable material used for its upper. The Nike Air Max Zero Breathe have retained the design from construction and further improved it by using an even more breathable textile upper for maximum airflow and minimum weight.

More than 30 years ago, the first Nike Air Max design was born. But it wasn’t the iconic Nike Air Max 1 we see today. Designer Tinker Hatfield sketched the first prototype for the popular air-cushioned running shoe in Oregon after a trip from Paris. The veteran designer was inspired by the Centre Pompidou and its inside-out design.

Nike Air design was already popular at that time when the multibillion-dollar brand started releasing their air-cushioned shoes in 1979. But Hatfield thought this is not enough. The design of the first Nike Air Max then came to fruition with a tipless vamp reminiscent of the Air Sock Racer and an external heel strap sans the heel counter similar to the Nike Huarache which was yet to be released several years later.

But despite how good the design was, it was deemed too advanced at the time as there aren’t any machine capable yet of producing such shoe. So Hatfield decided to shelve the initial design and work on a design that would later be Nike Air Max 1.

More than 30 years later, the Air Max line has been one of the popular models of the brand and a running staple which eventually shifted to a lifestyle sneaker after for more than three decades. Kept inside Department of Nike Archives, designers were scrambling for inspiration to celebrate the coming second annual Air Max Day when they discovered Hatfield’s original sketch.

Nike Air Max Zero designer Graeme McMillan with the help of other designers literally dug up the archives for samples and prototypes of the iconic Air Max silhouette. But before the revamp of the iconic silhouette and bringing back the sketch into an actual prototype, McMillan and Hatfield met and agreed that the utmost goal of original Air max design is to achieve supreme comfort.

With this goal, McMillan used the latest Nike innovation to bring back to life the one shoe designed before the Air Max I. This included the introduction of a cored out Phylon Air Max 1 Ultra outsole with fused uppers to reduce bulkiness with the same reliable support as before.

To further make the design breathable, a monofilament yarn mesh was used for an airy upper that has seamless design construction. The Nike Air Max Zero first came out in 2015 getting many sneakerheads excited to try for the first time “the one before the 1.”

In early 2016, Nike introduced the Nike Air Max Zero breathe with an even breathier material for cool and airy feet during runs and walks.

  • Tonal branding and white sole base give the Nike Air max Zero Breathe character and fine detailing.
  • Fused panels on the upper with no overlays and monofilament yarn mesh make this a stylish, light, and well-ventilated shoe.
  • The Nike Air Max Zero Breathe also attracted younger celebrities to wear them like Justin Bieber and Niall Horan.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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