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Nike Air Huarache sneakers

With its unusually noticeable style, it came easy for Nike Air Huarache to seize many sneaker enthusiasts' attention. Its mixed materials on the upper, layered midsole, and chunky base, although divisive, turned the Air Huarache as one of the best-selling Nike sneakers in the US. 

Displaying a far from the typical clean-and-uncluttered style of the Adidas Superstar and Stan Smith, the Nike Air Huarache is a Swoosh kick you would not want to miss. If you wish to own Nike's leading retro sneaker, check the Nike Air Huarache sneakers here on our site. 

Nike Air Huarache trainers: Nike's main retro sneaker

It's no secret that Nike love redoing the Air Huarache. Since its release a few decades ago, the Oregon-based company steadily introduces retro colorways, special editions, and even utility versions of the iconic Air Huarache. 

If you have a penchant for white kicks, Nike sells the Huarache in this muted hue, as well as in black. Bright red or green are also available that suit users who love eye-catching ensembles.

From high-tops to lows, you can also find the Huarache version in these fashionable and supportive cuts. Check one of the popular high-top Huarache, the Nike Air Huarache City, which is also available in the low version

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