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    Shoes best for road, track and light gravel. See the best road shoes.


    Shoes best for trail, off road, mountains and other unstable surfaces. See the best trail shoes.

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    As long as you stick to the road or path, and if you want just one running shoe, buy a road running shoe.

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    Shoes for runners who do not need any additional arch support (Around 50% of runners). Best for people with normal, high or medium high arches. See the best neutral shoes.

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    Shoes for runners who need mild to moderate arch support (Around 45% of runners). Best for runners with a low arch. See the best stability shoes.

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    Shoes for runners who needs a lot of arch support. Best for runners with flat feet. See the best motion control shoes.

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    - Rule of thumb: If in doubt, buy neutral shoes to avoid injuries.
    - More about arch support in this video.
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Notable elements of the Adidas Energy Falcon

- Runners and casual shoe enthusiasts are the target market of the Adidas Energy Falcon. This product offers responsive steps and well-attenuated foot-strikes through the Cloudfoam midsole. Covering this full-length cushioning unit is a rubber compound that acts as a shield against the abrasive nature of the surfaces.

- The upper unit of this road running shoe is made of a mesh. This material has a breathable construction that permits air into the interior compartment. A mix of printed and stitched overlays cause the upper to be secure and durable. A seamless inner sleeve hugs the outline of the foot without giving rise to hot spots or chafing.

Adidas Energy Falcon size and fit

The Adidas Energy Falcon was made using the standard measurements. When it comes to size, runners can use their usual choices to get a secure in-shoe experience. However, it is worth noting that there are user reviews that deem the sizing scheme to be a bit smaller than usual. A remedy for such a concern would be to test the shoe first or look at online reviews that cover the size.

Widthwise, the available options for men and women are D - Medium and B - Medium, respectively. Low and medium foot dimensions are welcome inside the interior chamber of this product. The semi-curved shape of the lasting board also mimics the natural curvature of the human foot.


The outsole unit of the Adidas Energy Falcon is made of Adiwear. This rubber layer is one of the brand’s in-house compounds. It generously covers the base of the cushioning foam, shielding it from the abrasive nature of the surfaces. It is also meant to provide grip, ensuring shoe-to-ground steadiness and movement control. Actions such as swerving, turning and braking are going to benefit from such a feature.

Shallow flex grooves line the horizontal aspect of the entire external pad, making sure that the underfoot platform is able to flex in tandem with the foot of the runner as it transitions from the heel to the toe. The toe-off phase of the gait cycle is the part that enjoys these trenches as it is the part of the gait that involves the bending of the toe joints.


Underfoot cushioning is the responsibility of the Cloudfoam technology. This midsole foam runs the whole length of the Adidas Energy Falcon, making sure that the foot is constantly receiving support. It is touted to be exceedingly lighter in weight than many of the options in the market. It has a flexible and springy ride which permit the foot to enjoy energized and well-rounded steps. Cloudfoam is a well-known technology that is used in many cheap running shoes from Adidas, including the highly regarded Duramo line.

A Cloudfoam footbed is placed on top of the main cushioning system, shielding the foot from the moderate stiffness of the lasting board. It offers a bit more oomph to the underfoot experience. It can be removed or replaced with a new one or a custom orthotic insert if the runners choose to do so.


The exterior of the Adidas Energy Falcon’s upper unit is made of a breathable mesh. This material is designed to cover the foot and keep it in place. It offers a flexible and ventilated wrap, accommodating the shape and motion of the foot, as well as ensuring a cool and dry running session.

The inner sleeve is made of a stretchy fabric that has a seamless construction. This feature evokes the feeling of being hugged by a sock. It aims to prevent hot spots from proliferating, especially during those extended wearing times. The presence of this lining doesn’t impede the flexibility of the silhouette nor the breathability of the rest of the fabrics.

Synthetic panels are placed on the sides of the upper unit. These prominent add-ons act like sidewalls that support the shape of the midfoot. They are stitched onto the surface of the textile to ensure the constancy of their presence, especially since they’re slightly bulky. Their tips serve as the holes through which the laces pass. When the fit is adjusted, these panels go along with the act, thereby giving a customized cover system.

Some printed overlays adorn the forefoot section, preserving the structural integrity of the materials and giving extra durability for when the foot bends for the toe-off.

The padded tongue and collar have the goal of cushioning the bridge of the foot, the Achilles tendon, and the ankles. They also protect against in-shoe wobbling or impact forces during the foot-strike.

The heel part has an external counter that is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This feature is tasked with helping the heel collar of the shoe when it comes to securing the back of the foot in place. Accidental shoe removals are prevented by this accoutrement.