6 Best Adidas Tennis Shoes in 2021

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6 Best Adidas Tennis Shoes in 2021

We wear-tested over 30 pairs of Adidas tennis shoes to extract the top-tiered ones worth adding to your tennis shoe racks. We spent over a week scrutinizing the performance value of every pair of recently released Three Stripes tennis shoes. 

Get to know the best from the bunch when it comes to speed and cushioning. And if you’re a budget-conscious player, we also picked our top recommendations among the affordable ones.

How we review the best Adidas tennis shoes

No tennis shoe release goes overlooked by our team of tennis experts. 

  • They inspect each new release closely and playtest them while considering stability, durability, traction, fit, and comfort. 
  • We also summarize what other users think about the shoe.

About more than 10,000 user opinions get synthesized and scaled through our Corescore system to identify the few top seeders that get listed here.

Best overall

Adidas Barricade ranks 1st in our list, a Grand Slam title holder that’s hard to beat!

We were as ecstatic as plenty of other Barricade rooters and devotees who waited for the comeback of this tried-and-tested court warrior from the Three Stripes.

We gave it some rigorous rounds of serve test and maddening playtest to see if it still got THAT power that’s tough to outdo. 

You guessed it right. This gladiator didn’t fail us!

What struck us most, it retained the assets of the Barricade that everybody loves: support, stability, and outsole durability. 

We highly recommend this as a go-to pick-up and let it surprise you with the kind of explosive game it can deliver.

It’s undoubtedly a tennis icon that’s full of unrivaled attributes. 

Adidas Barricade aesthetics have gotten better and better since the tennis world witnessed the first pair back in 2000.

Adidas R&D team got wilder by adding foam pods around the heel. That Geofit system is simply out of this world! It grabbed our feet comfortably so that we didn’t have trouble with heel slippage. It was heaven for our Achilles!

Its unique lacing system matched with a memory foam tongue barred any discomfort around the ankle on our insteps.

The use of a full-length Bounce offered superb responsiveness far better than the Boost counterparts. That TPU torsion system is a STAR! That allowed us to slide into every shot, whether we tackled defensive strokes at the baseline or towards the net. 

When it comes to THE best, it seems challenging to bring down a Barricade!

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Best for speed

Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4 made us tackle tireless court games at an almost supersonic speed!

We took it to a devilish court test for a minimum of 2 hours a day to see how it survived. And we were blown away by its performance!

Its lightweight build, together with its super responsive Lightstrike cushioning, is a match made in heaven! It made us repeatedly bolt for shots right after each ace serves without being bothered by our shoes. 

It made us sling back and forth without getting weighed down by its build. Its super comfy cushioning kept us from getting penalized with love sets.

It made us tackle challenging shots without our feet feeling all the grunt of swift movements. 

How about its ventilation, you ask? That’s a bang! This shoe does breathe!

We want to highlight that we won’t place this at the top of our speed charts if it lacks stability. Its low to the ground makeup kept us in total control of our moves. We felt safe and secured, tossing from side to side. 

Oh, and we can’t recall getting into trouble with heel slippage. That's another essential factor we love about this shoe.

If there's one word that describes this shoe best, it’s MATCHLESS!

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Best cushioning

It’s almost a deuce between the Bounce and Boost tech in a broader spectrum. Most often than not, the latter gets more praise for its superb responsiveness. But for tennis, it’s a bit different. 

To us, Bounce reigns supreme, at least with a profile as top-shelf as the Adidas SoleMatch Bounce.

We can’t agree more with the buzzword that it’s one of the comfiest in the market. 

We wear-tested tons of Adidas tennis shoes, eliminating the least performing ones. When it comes to comfort and cushioning, this SoleMatch Bounce is the sole survivor! It’s THAT unbeatable!

It didn’t give us a hard time since day one, as break-in was unnecessary.

This shoe got bones and all the needed shock-absorption you’d want in a cushioned tennis shoe! What can be more impressive than that?

Although fit is quite relative, we’d say this shoe is roomy enough that we didn’t feel any pinching, rubbing, or pressure sores. All these add up to its comfort level that’s absolutely impressive!

While its cushioning is supreme, this shoe doesn’t fall short in stability. Its outrigger made us tackle lateral movements while we experienced a secure foothold and stable base. 

It’s price is a deal clincher, too, as it comes cheaper than Boost-soled ones.

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It seems impossible to miss out on its Boost-soled shoes from the top-selling list when tackling Adidas athletic shoes. So, we are adding the Adidas SoleCourt Boost Clay to our highly recommendable lineup. It’s a must-have if you plan to take this to your next match on a dirt court.  

Before we noticed the responsive feel of its midsole bed, we were amazed by the generous amount of foam material lined around the ankle collar. It gave our feet a warm and plush welcome every time we slipped it on. That’s definitely synonymous with superb comfort!

There’s more to its cushioned and padded world than meets the eye. This shoe gets a boost when it comes to stability too. It has a supportive chassis right below the arch that reminded us of the same stability benefit of the time-tested Barricades. 

We were not afraid to tackle challenging shots one after another as its supportive element allowed us to have complete control of our lateral movements. And while the toe box felt roomier than we expected, wearing double socks and customizing the lacing style make us so ready for on-court battles. 

More than the excellent cushioning and stability this shoe delivers, we also love the traction it offers. The tread design gave us the confidence to pull and deliver shots at varying speeds. It made us stop on a dime and bolt towards multiple directions smoothly. 

If you don't mind it being a little pricier than the likes of the SoleMatch Bounce, you’re all set for a great game!

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Best budget

Adidas GameCourt is a multi-court tennis shoe that’s suitable for budget-conscious starters. Even with its $65 price tag, this shoe doesn’t disappoint performance-wise. 

After trying it out for a week, we can honestly say it got had all the bells and whistles anyone would want for their kickstart tennis shoe. The best part: you'd almost feel like a pro while sporting it. 

What got us hooked to this shoe are the peachy elements. 

When it comes to lightness, this shoe undoubtedly got it! It made us fly without ever feeling weighed down. Thanks to its single-piece sock-like upper that makes it feel unheavy. 

This shoe’s foot-hugging, synthetic bootie makeup is another winning element. Not only does it provide a secure lockdown fit, but it lets air flow freely in and out of the shoe. 

It got an incredible amount of cushioning, making us forget that we weren't wearing a high-performance tennis shoe.

We’re 100 percent positive that this shoe will allow any beginner or recreational player to soar without leaving their comfort zones. 

A shoe that breathes, protects, cushions, and supports you in whichever direction your feet take you during the game, already makes it a winner. But getting it for an exceptionally affordable price makes it a complete package. 

And, you’ll surely get all that and more from the GameCourt. 

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We highly recommend the CourtJam Bounce if you’re a tennis beginner needing a shoe that’s a do-it-all but downright affordable!

What got us beady-eyed and charged by this Three Stripe shoe is its stylish aesthetic and lightweight package. It was love at first sight for us. But like all the other athletic shoes in our Top Pick lineup, this went through a trying playtest before it earned a rightful sport here. 

Even as its name is a giveaway to the kind of cushioning you can expect from it, we took it through rigorous games over a week to see how it scored. Oh boy, the spring-back projected, launched, and made us fly!

For only $85, we’d say it’s a primo! We love how the underfoot cushioning hushed any stress and impact, even as we played for about four hours a day. It isn’t plush, but it gave us that comfy ride!

If you were a fan of the Barricade Club, we see no reason why you won’t step up your game with this successor. 

Like its older sibling, this shoe will clasp your feet comfortably with its mesh and TPU arrangement. From the upper alone, you’ll instantly feel that GREAT support! And we haven’t mentioned breathability yet. That’s another reason why this shoe is rad! 

The heel collar grabbed our ankles so well that it didn’t let go of our heel, not a chance. 

Even as it isn’t a high-performance shoe, we loved how the traction made us enjoy our playtests on different court setups. It gave us a good balance of give and grip.  

All these and more for a price that’s DEFINITELY for less!

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