10 Best Tennis Shoes For Men in 2021

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10 Best Tennis Shoes For Men in 2021

We understand that it’s easy to get drowned in the pool of tennis shoes for men. Thus, we came up with this listing, so you don’t have to dive deep to look for that perfect shoe. 

Before arriving at these top picks, we noted several vital aspects like comfort, stability, durability, arch support, weight, breathability, traction, and more.

So whether it’s your first, second, fifth, or nth time purchasing a tennis shoe, we hope this page will be a lot beneficial for you.

How we choose the best tennis shoes for men

  • We buy ALL the shoes that our group of experts scrutinizes and playtests. 
  • We gather over 10,000 reviews from other tennis experts and verified buyers. 
  • Every user opinion gets a corresponding rating and scaling from 1-100 through the Corescore
  • Lastly, we derive our top choices based on the critique of our playtesters and Corescore results.

Best overall

Asics Resolution line got even better with the Gel Resolution 8! It’s absolutely a fireball on multiple courts! 

If its predecessor struck us by powerhouse features, this updated version received some additional points on our scoreboards. It’s safe to say that the Gel Resolution hasn’t lost its high-performance value. 

Stability remained its best asset as it allowed us to slide and change directions constantly and explosively. Its sturdier build made it a notch higher than other tennis shoes from the same brand as the Court FF. 

We felt the lockdown fit and the secured wrapping around our toes. Thanks to its Dynawrap system for giving us zero problems and secure lunges when propelling towards the net.

We also love the comfort it offers. Since it’s sufficiently padded at the collar and under the foot, we had a great playtime. We can’t recall getting any heel pain, underfoot pressure, or ankle stiffness. 

Durability is another sensible reason why people are raving about this shoe, not to mention pro tennis stars too. 

Even with a solid base, its sole composition felt a bit more pliable than the previous version. The impressive amount of toe protection also helps in adding more life to this shoe.

If you’re looking for a multi-court tennis shoe with many bones and muscles that will help you flex an impressive game, don’t have second thoughts with the Asics Gel Resolution 8. 

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Asics Court FF2 is packed with stability and support, plus the fast feel necessary for clay games.

It’s almost a deuce between this shoe and the Gel Resolution 8. But we felt Court FF 2 snagged all the needed elements for quick movements and better agility. 

If you’re aiming for value for money, we definitely recommend that you try this. Now we understand why Novak Djokovic has been displaying this shoe at tournaments! It got that Grand Slam quality in it! Certainly a primo!

Stability is where the Court FF 2 reigned supreme. It allowed us to move aggressively on clay during our four-week playtest. Recovering from every shot went smooth as this shoe gave us all the support we demanded. 

Sliding during rallies was a breeze as this shoe clasped our feet so well. We commend Asics for creating a solid and durable synthetic and mesh cover. This section gave us the ticket to freely and flexibly tackle different shots at multiple levels of difficulty. 

It wasn’t bulky, too heavy, or too light either. Its weight was just right, and it made us feel ready when tackling shots from multiple directions. 

After swinging it for a hellish wear test, we were impressed with the tread. That didn’t get busted. Yes, it showed very minimal wear marks, but we think that’s inevitable. More importantly, we didn’t feel any change in traction. It got a good blend of grip and give. 

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Best speed

After playtesting 100 pairs of tennis shoes, we think NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro excels above the rest as it allows for high-powered velocity when playing on hard court. Performance-wise, it has overtaken another stellar speed shoe from Nike, the Vapor X, making the Vapor Pro our top bet for best speed shoe. 

If we already loved the lightness of the Vapor X, this shoe wowed us more! Nike managed to trim down the weight of the Vapor Pro without taking out an inch from its high-performance value. 

Apart from weight, the Vapor Pro made us tackle rallies and long hours of play without getting interrupted by lack of support, primarily on the midfoot and heel. 

That unique asymmetrical lacing system got style and strength in it. It allowed us to have the desirable glove-like fit that helped us chase the ball aggressively. 

Even the reinforced foot frame on the lateral side helped give us stable rides, especially when we tackle shots at the baseline. 

It’s a real value for money if you are looking not just for a high-performing shoe for speedy gameplays but one that’s stylish too. It lets you put on that virtuoso spirit while you build an ace game!

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The Olympic-level Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4 deserves all the attention when you think of speed tennis shoes. After trying multiple pairs of shoes, this shoe scored high on our boards when we zeroed in on agility, speed, and traction.

Right from day one until the end of the two-week rigorous playtest, we did not have any issues in the weight department. This shoe made us kill shots and allowed us to bolt in every direction as it wasn’t bottom-heavy at all.  

It wasn’t an only lightweight, period, but this shoe is supportive too. It’s pretty hard to tackle challenging shots if this shoe didn’t give us the confidence to do so. It certainly stands out in the areas of support and stability. 

The bootie structure also played well in keeping everything secured and locked down while we swung for the ball, rushed towards the net, or sled sideways shots at the baseline. 

Another thing to note is the responsiveness it offers. We agree with the majority of the expert and user reviewers that this shoe felt more cushioned than the previous versions. It’s almost close to having Boost right under our feet. 

If you are seriously focused on bagging up a lightweight and speedy shoe that grabs an appealing style and performs well, this shoe deserves that attention. 

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Best cushioning

Looking sleek yet absolutely stellar when it comes to comfort and cushioning is K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2. It’s plush and generously padded.

We unanimously say that it’s way more comfortable than its predecessor, and all the 100+ shoes we have playtested from 14 (and expanding!) brands that we typically feature here. 

This shoe works well with a variety of foot shapes. Yes, including the wide ones. Like most K-Swiss shoes released in the past, this shoe delivers a roomy world for the forefoot. We didn’t feel any pinching on the sides of our toes during the entire playtest. 

We can go on, and on describing how we love the instant comfort it has given our feet, but there’s more to that worth highlighting about this shoe. Traction is another impressive factor tied to this shoe. 

It stayed grippy, entirely on the tacky side compared to most of the all-court shoes we have tried on. But what we loved most about its tread design was it allowed us to pivot and take complete control of our shots. 

After giving this some monstrous time on multiple court surfaces when we did the endurance and strength tests, we’d say it’s a beetle. You won’t be wasting your $ on these as they held up superbly well. Its toe bumper and rubber outsole showed very minimal signs of wear after spending two weeks or more than 20hours of practical test.   

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NikeCourt React Vapor NXT got a fierce name and aesthetic, but this shoe has many soft spots, at least for the wearer. Comfort is one of those; that’s why for us, it’s STELLAR!

While it wasn’t as pliable as we expected, given its fluid form, this shoe requires a bit of a break-in time before it sends out its best assets. After some time of wear-testing it, we appreciated its cushioning system even more. 

This shoe gave us unmatched support and stability the longer we sport it during the playtest, and the source of that is the React technology that took the entire space right under the foot.

It’s definitely more shock-absorbing than other shoes with air bubble units. 

This match-day-ready shoe also offers breathability. The Flyweave tech takes up the entire upper that allows air to pass through between the gaps. At the same time, this feature is so supportive that it helps maximize our foot’s natural movement. 

If you are scouring for a spring or summer-fitting shoe that got incredible performance value in a stylish package, this $160 React Vapor shoe is a worthy option to purchase next.

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Best stability

When you combine two great breeds from Nike, the Vapor and Cage series, expect an explosion of high-performance value! And that dynamite is what we call the NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4. 

We decided to put this among our top picks, without any hesitations, for the same reasons the King of Clay Rafael Nadal can’t detach from it. It’s a premium beast with superior stability, sublime comfort, and solid makeup. 

The foot frame on the lateral side puts a lot of support in that area and stability as we lunge and sprint to strike the ball. We felt secure tossing from one corner to another, especially when hitting shots in extreme directions. 

It superbly wrapped our feet so that we didn’t have issues with toe jamming. It encouraged us to push for shots aggressively.  

That Kurim overwrap at the forefoot helps a lot in extending the life of this shoe. We are so impressed not to see any signs of wear around that high-wear zone. And mind you, we didn’t give this shoe an easy time on the court for the entire playtest. 

Vapor Cage 4 isn’t just solid, but it rocks! 

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Adidas Barricade will always be a legend. We've tried the past versions, and we can confidently say this shoe refuses to retire. Like in the past, this shoe remains dynamic and quick. If you are scouring for a pair of tennis shoes for power-driven games, this is undoubtedly a must-have!

Stability-wise, the Barricade is undoubtedly a virtuoso! 

We spent two weeks of hellish serve and playtests wearing this, and we never felt disconnected from the court. Its supportive elements are top-notch and held up well the entire wear test. 

Tackling aggressive slides and quick lateral and even vertical movements were a breeze! This shoe didn't make us worry about ankle rolling or toe jamming. We also think the midfoot shank is a primo! It made us focus on hitting shot after shot without getting distressed by foot twisting,  

Lockdown wasn’t an issue too. We can almost hear every inch of this shoe saying: We got your back!

Despite all the elements that make it one of the most stable and supportive all-court shoes, it doesn’t feel, even an ounce, heavy at all. 

Not only did it give us the assurance and confidence that we won’t stumble and slip, but this shoe also made us FLY!

If you frequent the court for drills, preparing for tourneys, or looking for matchday shoes, try giving this improved Barricade a shot. It refuses to say no to any court challenge!

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Best budget shoe

Adidas CourtJam Bounce is swelling with tons of bang minus the buck; that’s why it’s a top pick for us. If you are a budget-conscious player looking for a tennis shoe with excellent value for money, this multicourt shoe is worth a try.

Belonging under the Bounce family, expect this shoe to give out the needed cushioning during meticulous tennis drills. It may not have the most springy ride, but it offers the right amount of impact absorption minus lots of foot aches during prolonged play.

The added foam padding around the ankle clasped our feet comfortably while offering soft give. The combination of underfoot and collar support gave us total confidence to go fast. 

Its hybrid tread is a marvel too. It survived our rigorous test drive without thinning out or losing its grip, be it on concrete or clay. It wasn't too tacky, so sliding for challenging shots or making a quick pivot went smoothly. 

Like the Barricade shoes, this, too, didn't feel sweaty at all. So it also goes to say that this shoe didn't give us nasty blisters even through long hours of drills. 

If you're looking for a shoe that will kickstart your tennis prowess, you're already a winner by going for this $85 shoe. 

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NikeCourt Lite 2 is a true blue performer without causing you an arm or leg. It's ready for pounding on concrete for several hours a week. 

For only $75, this shoe whistles with superlatives! We highly recommend this if you are new to playing tennis. It's something to consider, too, if you're a recreational player looking for a desirable pair for hardcourt games. 

Apart from its friendly and enticing price, what got us instantly glued to this shoe is the kind of comfort it offers. 

Its footbed is remarkably shock-absorbing that's neither stiff nor flexible. It's safe to say that it cradled our feet impressively during hard landings and lateral cuts. 

It also comes with a partly elevated heel that does its job in minimizing pressure at the back of the foot. 

Again, for an MSRP that's way below $100, this shoe is kickass! It's stable enough to keep up with our pace even as we played long hours on hard courts. 

The midfoot shank is another aspect worth highlighting. It helped a lot in preventing excessive rolling of the foot. It supported our feet the entire two-week playtest. 

Mind you, we’re just talking about an entry-level tennis shoe here. 

What's more, its innovatively designed outsole helped us cover varied strokes on the baseline and towards the net. We felt a good balance of give and grip; that’s why we're so impressed by this Swoosh shoe. 

It's certainly a bang for your buck! 

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