The Adidas Boston 6

85 / 100 by Koh Ancheng • Level 3 expert

The Adidas Boston 6 is an extremely versatile shoe in my opinion, whether is it trying to achieve a new PR or doing a tempo run this shoe is up for the job.

The reason why I bought this shoe is because I required a lightweight trainer to train in. The shoe is responsive and would suit runners with a midfoot strike very well.


The Looks

The thing that drew my attention when I saw the shoe was the looks. In my opinion the shoe looks quite decent and I have been able to use it for casual wear.

Besides it is comfortable enough for me to wear it for a whole day without any discomfort. The Boston 6 is not exactly a shoe that is meant for street wear, however, I feel that it is a shoe that can be used for this purpose.



The Boost Foam

The boost foam that is used on many Adidas shoes now is the thing that really blew me away. Before owning this pair, I constantly hear my friends rave about how magical the boost foam is but I was skeptical about it.

My opinion on the boost foam has changed ever since I started using this shoe during training sessions. In previous my previous shoe, the Mizuno Wave Hitogami, I would often complain about doing drills on concrete as the eva foam used didn’t provide the cushioning I wanted.

For Boston 6, I have not experienced any discomfort. The foam used offers adequate cushioning for long runs and is also responsive enough for me to do tempo runs and time trials on the track.


The Upper

The upper of the Boston 6 is one that love. It is a breathable mesh that is highly appreciated in the hot and humid weather of the tropics.

The upper of the Boston is very comfortable because it does not restrict the movement of the foot. It does not have any welded overlays on the front part of it.

I was slightly worried that the lack of welded overlays on the show would affect its durability. I was surprised that it is still holding up quite well even after training so much in it. The upper shows very little signs of wear even after doing roughly 150 km in it.

Another thing I like about the upper is the lacing system. The lockdown the lacing system provides is something that I love about the shoe.

The laces that are connected to the overlay keeps my feet in place and stop them from sliding. This lacing system has also given me the freedom to adjust the fit the shoe provided.

Although I enjoy the fit the shoe provides, the way the shoe is built has also given me problems with the tongue. Also it is worth to note that the tongue tends to fold upon itself in the middle of runs.

This has led to some slight discomfort but it has not led to any major problems when training in the shoe.


The Laces

One thing that has bothered with this shoe me are the laces. The laces on this shoe are too short. It is quite an irritating problem as it is very hard to tie the shoe when I lace the laces to the last eyelet.

This has led me to tighten the laces which is quite uncomfortable, especially when I am using the shoe during training. However, the laces do not get undone easily.


The Sole

The rubber on the sole of the Boston is very grippy. The continental rubber used on the shoe performs well in all surfaces and conditions . This allows me to focus on doing my best in runs instead of having to pay attention on the surface that I’m running on.

Besides being very grippy, the rubber is also very durable. There is very little sign of wear on the rubber although I do a lot of training on gravel which have destroyed many of my racing flats.

I also do have to commend the shoe’s ability to handle wet surfaces. The rubber hasn't failed me on wet pavements and is currently my go to shoe for wet conditions.



The Overall Performance

The shoe does perform well on most surfaces and even on light trails. For the most part, the shoe is responsive but it is still relatively cushioned and allows me to have feedback from the ground.

I definitely look forward to training in this shoes. They have been a joy to train in and have never failed me by providing consistent performance ever since they came out of the box.



The Boston boost is a very versatile shoe that allows me to run with confidence in all conditions. This lightweight neutral trainer allows me to do most of my workouts in comfort in the hot climate.

The shoe however, is slightly tight even though I bought it half a size up from my street shoe size which is where it lost some points. Still, it could probably just because I have wide feet.

All in all, I am very satisfied with the way the shoe has performed. The reason why it lost some points was mainly due to the tongue folding on itself and the laces being too short. However these problems are not major and only cause some minor discomfort.

Koh Ancheng

Koh Ancheng • Level 3 expert

Hi I'm Ancheng! I'm from Singapore and an avid runner. I'm currently part of my school’s cross country team and run roughly 30km a week. Besides being an avid runner I am also a shoe geek, for the most part a running shoe geek.

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