2 best Nike trail running shoes (November 2017)

32 runners reviewed these shoes with an average score of 83/100

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The company mostly associated with running has proven time and again that despite the years of producing some of the best running shoes in the world, it has not slackened its pace in striving for even better footwear. Undeniable quality and performance, as commented by more than 100,000 reviews online, are proofs of fact of the Swoosh’s never-ending quest to produce the best with every pair of Nike shoes.

What to expect from the best Nike trail shoes?

  • By nature, trail shoes are a bit stiff and heavy compared to their road counterparts. Nike offers the best trail shoes that give ample protection and cushioning without feeling clunky in the challenging outdoors.
  • Protection on the rugged trail is something that is of prime importance to Nike. They have varied protection set up designed to let the runner feel completely safe with each stride in the trail. Among their protection design in some of their best trail shoes are the rock plates underfoot and the toe guard material that stretches all the way to the heel part for a complete 360 degree shield from sharp objects.
  • For runners who are used to road running shoes, Nike provides a trail counterpart for most of its trendy road runners. These all around trail shoes would allow beginners at trail running to be eased into the feel and comfort of the outdoors.
  • The serious and long time trail fanatics can also choose among Nike’s ranks a variety of trail shoes that have ultra aggressive tread patterns that can tackle the best and most difficult outdoor terrain nature has to offer. Most of these extreme trail shoes have multi-directional lug patterns to provide the runner with excellent grip on mud, gravel, stones, and grassy areas. Sudden shifts in direction as well as downhill or uphill running is sufficiently answered by these aggressive Nike outsoles.
  • Racing on the trail is another area which Nike has taken a great interest. The best Nike trail shoes are relatively lightweight and yet sufficiently protected to let the runner concentrate on shaving off time from the clock without worry of the risks along the trail.
  • For the casual runners who would want to take it easy on the trail, Nike too has them covered. There are nicely cushioned and responsive trail shoes that allow the runners to put in the miles without feeling battered after the long run. Elite runners could also make do with these cushioned versions during the days of recovery in the trail.

What to look for in the best Nike trail shoes?

  • Weight. Depending on the runner’s need and running frequency, he could definitely choose from Nike’s wide array of trail shoes. The lighter trail shoes would be best for racing in the trail while the heavier ones would be optimum for training and everyday trail use.
  • Outsole Build. Pointed lugs on sticky carbon rubber are used by Nike for unmatched grip on the rugged terrain. The environmentally preferred rubber is outfitted on the forefoot for added terrain versatility and traction. These rubber outsoles are not only excellent in traction but are extremely durable as well.
  • Waterproof. Protection from inclement weather during an outdoor run is also considered by Nike. There are versions of the best Nike trail shoes that have waterproof features.