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What sets PUMA workout shoes from the competitors

With so many brands of workout shoes promising versatility and comfort, what makes PUMA workout shoes the perfect footwear for you? What do they have that the other pairs don’t? Find out below about the distinct qualities of PUMA workout shoes.

best PUMA workout shoes

Best PUMA workout shoes - May 2019


PUMA workout shoes are engineered to keep up with diverse types of fitness activities. The models vary in heel height and collar cuts, which influence the cushioning and ankle support, respectively. These shoes are ideal for those whose fitness regimens tend to consist of various exercises without specializing on one discipline.

Brand popularity

Made by the world’s top 3rd sportswear brand, PUMA workout shoes are meant to embody the very same values that create an excellent athlete. The brand’s focus lies on five priorities: competitive product range offering, women-centric merchandise, brand heat, organizational speed, and improved distribution quality.

PUMA takes pride in its heritage in sports and street credibility in the latest lifestyle trends. In the past, it had iconic partnerships with famous sports legends, such as Boris Becker, Tommie Smith, Pelé, Maradona and more. Its current endorsers are comprised of the world’s most elite athlete ambassadors, including Arsenal FC, Usain Bolt, and Antoine Griezmann, to name a few.

Fashion-forward style

Most PUMA workout shoes have trendy aesthetics, thanks to the influence of their celebrity collaborators and the latest and popular style of the youth. As such, PUMA workout shoes are at the forefront of style with their innovative and one-of-a-kind designs that are definitive of the brand. Popular lines of PUMA workout shoes such as the Fierce, the Tsugi, and the Phenom have a unique look to them that you would not be able to find in other brands of training shoes.

Generally affordable shoes

Unless part of a celebrity collection, PUMA workout shoes typically cost more or less $100. These pairs of budget-friendly training shoes are already equipped with several technologies, which make them ideal for versatile training. In addition, there are more affordable options of higher-priced popular models, such as the Fierce, the Phenom, and the IGNITE Limitless.

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Sustainable practices

In 2011, PUMA became the first major company in the world to commit to making an environmental impact. It has made sustainability a key value in the company, creating an operational strategy influenced by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Since the shift, half of its internal collections of PUMA workout shoes and apparel were manufactured according to its internal sustainability standards, such as using more sustainable materials like recycled polyester. It has also encouraged positive environmental practices among its key suppliers through financial incentives.  

How to find the perfect PUMA workout shoes

There are so many types of PUMA workout shoes that it can be overwhelming to pick just one when you are facing so many options. If you are loaded, you can choose to buy multiple pairs of without having to think twice. Alas, that is not always the case. Here are ways to know which model of PUMA workout shoes are the most ideal for you.


PUMA workout shoes are available in a wide range of styles and colorways to appease even the most discerning of buyers. They also come in various profile heights, from low to high-cut. Here are the different styles available for PUMA workout shoes.

  • Athletic

PUMA workout shoes in this style look like traditional athletic trainers. This will appeal to sporty types who tend to have understated and conservative tastes. Nevertheless, the brand has found a way to infuse their distinct style to make these PUMA workout shoes truly their own. The PUMA Tazon collection is a good example of this category, including the well-received PUMA Tazon 6 FM.

  • Modern

For those with avant-garde tastes, this type of PUMA workout shoes will be the icing on the top of their stylish workout ensemble. These pairs work just as well outside as they do in the gym, so users can go from training straight to the streets. A popular and affordable model from this category is the PUMA Enzo workout shoe.

  • Girly

Having a wide offering of footwear for women, the brand has created a lot of PUMA workout shoes in various feminine styles. These pairs are defined by dainty features, such as lace, satin, animal prints, bows and many more. They also come in typical girly colors, such as pink and purple. Check out shoes from the Fierce, Phenom, Prowl Alt, and En Pointe collections for these styles.


Price has a huge impact on the purchases of consumers more than any other factors. The good thing is that PUMA workout shoes are generally affordable which makes them accessible to even those purchasers with a limited budget. Here are the types of PUMA workout shoes that you can get at each price point.

  • $65 to $75

This affordable collection of PUMA workout shoes are mostly equipped with standard materials. The pairs at the latter end of the range employ special technologies in the midsole, such as the NRGY foam and the EcoOrtholite and SoftFoam sockliner.

  • $80 to $90

The moderately priced PUMA workout shoes utilize several special technologies and are more aggressive in style and construction. Some of the innovations they bear are the evoKnit design and the NRGY and IGNITE midsoles.

  • $100 to $120

These trainers are typically borne out of celebrity collaborations. Therefore, these PUMA workout shoes tend to have cutting-edge designs and more innovations installed.

PUMA workout shoes are appealing to consumers because of their trendy style and affordability. Here at RunRepeat, we make it our mission to help shoppers find the lowest possible deal for the trainer of their choice. Just click on a model and you’d be automatically presented with a list of prices from various online retailers so you won’t have to scour the internet yourself to save some money.


Another important thing to look out for when searching for the perfect PUMA workout shoes is the fit. They come in an extensive range of sizes, from 7 to 14 for men and 5.5 to 11 for women. Most models come in the standard width profile of D - Medium for males and B - Medium for females. However, some models, especially the popular ones, have a wide option as well.

You don’t have to worry about getting ill-fitting trainers as PUMA workout shoes typically have true-to-size measurements. The brand recommends getting your regular athletic shoe size. If you don’t know your precise measurements, measure your feet at the end of the day as they are usually at their biggest due to the swelling caused by activity and heat. While PUMA workout shoes have half sizes available, if you find that you are in between sizes, you should order a size up.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use workout shoes from PUMA for CrossFit?

A simple answer is yes, but it’s not recommended. While PUMA workout shoes are designed with versatility in mind and can withstand all sorts of high-impact, plyometric movements, most of them are still not as durable as the specialized CrossFit trainers. A perfect training shoe for this regimen will also have a firm sole and stabilizing components to keep the wearer’s foot steady when it comes to lifting weights which is not typical of PUMA trainers. Also, such strenuous exercises like rope climbs will easily cause delicate PUMA workout shoes to tear in an instant.

Can I run in these trainers?

Yes, you can use some PUMA workout shoes to go on short and mid-distance runs. Look for those trainers which contain the words “Ignite”, “Cell”, and “NRGY” as they are built similarly to PUMA’s running shoes. It means that their upper and sole units are geared towards both running and exercising.

How do I take care of my PUMA workout shoes?

Just like any other sports footwear, PUMA workout shoes need regular care and cleaning in order to keep them looking like brand new. The brand assures though that it requires little maintenance as these shoes are made to be tough and durable. Below are the manufacturer’s recommendations to keep your PUMA workout shoes even longer:

  • Only use your PUMA workout shoes for its intended purpose. They are not made for running or sports activities.
  • Clean the dirt or mud immediately before it settles with a soft brush or a piece of cloth dipped in soapy water. Avoid using a washing machine.
  • If your shoe gets wet, simply remove the footbed and air dry. The use of dryers, space heaters, and radiators are strongly prohibited.
  • When not in use, stuff your PUMA workout shoes with crumpled newspaper. It helps to retain the shape.

How do I clean my PUMA shoes with leather, suede, and nubuck uppers?

Complicated textiles such as genuine and synthetic leather, suede, and nubuck require a different cleaning process. Leather uppers can be hand-washed with a soft cloth wet with mild soap and cold water. Be careful not to soak in water. On the other hand, you can gently scrub synthetic ones using a soft bristle brush or a soft cloth with the same cleansing solution. Finally, nubuck and suede need a specially designed brush in order to remove deep-seated dirt.