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    Reebok JJ III - Cobalt/White/Primal Red (EF8561)
    Reebok JJ III - Black/Chalk (EF8563)
    Reebok JJ III - Chalk/Lux Maroon/Black (EF8562)
    Reebok JJ III - Black/Rebel Red/White (EF4131)
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  3. Any color
    Reebok Flexagon Force - Alloy White Primal Red (CN6535)
    Reebok Flexagon Force - Blue (CN6528)
    Reebok Flexagon Force - Alloy/White/Primal Red/Pewter/Black 1006 (DV5207)
    Reebok Flexagon Force - Grey Fieora White (DV9432)
    Reebok Flexagon Force - Black/Alloy/Crushed Cobalt/Pewter/White (DV4475)
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Reebok workout shoes

Reebok may have changed its logo multiple times over the past few decades, but one thing remains - it is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to workout shoes. Reebok workout shoes are versatile. Depending on the model, you can use them for light to high-impact workouts.

Which Reebok trainer to get

Before purchasing a Reebok training shoe, you first need to decide what kind of exercises or training you will be doing. If you’re just starting, choose models with flexible sole units as they are less likely to cause discomfort.

For CrossFitters, they enjoy wearing the Reebok Nanos because of the responsive sole unit. They also offer protection against rope burns.

Meanwhile, if you’re weight training, choosing a dedicated Reebok weightlifting shoe would suit your needs. The Legacy Lifter line features a sturdy heel that doesn’t collapse under heavy weight, keeping the wearer stable.

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