4 Best Reebok Training Shoes, 60+ Shoes Tested in 2022

Nicholas Rizzo
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Reebok is one of the oldest manufacturers of athletic footwear in the world. Its deep roots can be traced back as far as the 1890 when they first introduced their spiked sports shoes. Since then, the brand has introduced some of the most iconic training shoes most notably the Reebok Workout Trainer.

After scoring huge sponsorship deals with the CrossFit Games, Reebok’s impressive lineup of training footwear become one of the most coveted shoe brands in the industry. Today, Reebok’s best offerings include the highly-ranked Nano collection, Speed TR, and the Reebok JJ IV.

With over 50+ pairs of Reebok training shoes out there, getting the perfect pair for your fitness needs can be mind-boggling. To help you with that, we’ve tested and identified the truly best performers of the brand’s current lineup. Check out our top picks below.

How we test training shoes

To make our recommendations, we ensure that all the Reebok shoes on this list are thoroughly tested and examined. To determine its overall value, we put each pair of training shoes into the wringer. That means hours of wear testing in the gym, and doing various workout routines.

Our data-driven approach includes:

  • Purchasing the Reebok training shoes using our own money. This is in line with our company policy not to accept sponsorships when giving our reviews.
  • Depending on the type of shoes, we clock up hours in the gym executing specific workout routines. We also check the shoes’ materials and technologies used inside our RunRepeat shoe testing lab.
  • Writing our comprehensive reviews for each pair of shoes, and identifying the ones that offer the genuine highest value in specific categories.
  • Gathering more useful info from independent sources such as other reliable wear testers and fitness enthusiasts.

In the end, we assign each Reebok training shoe an overall score. Using our CoreScore system, you will see the respective ratings of all the shoes and other important data.

Best Reebok training shoes overall

Reebok Speed TR
Reebok Speed TR


4.4 / 5 from 2,035 users
87 / 100 from 8 experts


  • True to size
  • Snug fit
  • Superb comfort
  • Breathable
  • Very lightweight
  • Great ground contact
  • Versatile for various activities
  • Durable


  • Not for wide feet
  • Break-in period
  • Lace bite
Reebok Speed TR full review

Best Reebok training shoes for crossfit

Reebok Nano X1
Reebok Nano X1


4.4 / 5 from 17,005 users
89 / 100 from 16 experts


  • More versatile, less crossfit-specific
  • Upper hugs the foot
  • Lighter than Nike Metcons
  • Cushioned for short runs
  • Great traction on gym floors
  • Secure lockdown
  • Plenty of toe space
  • Stylish enough for casual wear


  • Collar rubs the heel
  • Tongue slides a bit
  • Not the best for weightlifting


The Nano X1 lives up to the level of quality expected from the Nano series but strays away from its predecessors’ Crossfit-centeredness. Reebok now describes it as the shoe for "ultimate fitness." It is designed for people who love to train hard and don't want to be limited by just one type of workout.
Reebok Nano X1 full review

Best value Reebok training shoes

Reebok JJ IV
Reebok JJ IV


4.6 / 5 from 270 users
94 / 100 from 3 experts


  • Comfortable
  • Appealing design
  • Great during workouts
  • Quality-made
  • Supports charity
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight


  • Limited color options


Fitness enthusiasts and JJ Watt fans looking to own the latest shoe offering of the collaboration will be stoked about the Reebok JJ IV. The shoe's immense comfort, supportive feel, and grip will help make every move effective and efficient. This shoe is an improved version of the previous model called Reebok JJ III. Hence, long-time fans can expect better performance from this pair.
Reebok JJ IV full review
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Nicholas Rizzo

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