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Peak basketball shoes

Peak, or officially known as Peak Sport Products Co. Limited, is a leading Chinese sports brand. It goes by the trading name Peak Sport. Peak’s headquarters is in Quanzhou, China. Their main office in North America, which opened in 2011, is in Los Angeles, California. Currently, Peak has over 7000 retail stores worldwide.

The company’s mission is “To facilitate the development of global sports brand and to provide premium products and services for the betterment of human health.” Regarding the culture of the brand, the company took inspiration from the motto of the Olympics which is “Higher, Faster, Stronger.”

Peak basketball shoes, like those produced by other Chinese brands Anta and Li-Ning, are known for having technologies that give the same or even more benefits than the technologies from more known brands such as Nike and Adidas. What's good about Peak shoes is the fact that they are cheaper. Because of this, many wearers treat them as really suitable alternatives. 

NBA greats and their Peak basketball shoes

Like other basketball shoe brands, Peak has also signed NBA signature athletes throughout the years. In fact, the company has quite a presence in the NBA. Shane Battier was their first endorser, and he was followed by Jason Kidd in August 2008. The succeeding endorsers are Dwight Howard, Tony Parker, George Hill, Lou Williams, Anthony Morrow, Carl Landry, Miles Plumlee, Beno Udrih,  Kyle Singler, Chase Budinger, and Andrew Nicholson. Their shoes are usually easy to identify because they usually have the player's initials in their names. For example, we have the Peak DH series for Dwight Howard and the Peak TP collection for Tony Parker.