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Kevin Durant basketball shoes

Nike has been partnering with elite-level talents such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant for decades. A Nike guy through and through, Kevin Durant has always been considered as one of the best in the current NBA roster, alongside LeBron James and Stephen Curry.

Nike unveiled the first KD basketball shoes during Kevin Durant's second NBA season. More than ten years after joining the NBA, his signature KD shoes are still going strong. From the streets of Seat Pleasant to the Brooklyn Nets, Durant’s signature KD shoes have effectively chronicled his growth on and off the court. They are also a constant reminder of Kevin Durant's marketability as a Nike endorser.

Let the shoes do the talking: Storytelling elements on Kevin Durant basketball shoes

Signature shoes tend to have personalized design elements on them. Through their sneakers, signature athletes pay tribute to people, places, and even things that have influenced and inspired them.  Aside from his KD logo and the number 35, Kevin Durant loves to add different storytelling details in each shoe model. His stories are mostly told through unique colorways and traction patterns.

During the early days of his signature line, there were a few design staples that have appeared in different KD shoes. In recent years, he has adopted a more minimalistic approach with the designs of his sneakers.

When to expect new Kevin Durant basketball shoes

Generally, brands launch new signature models at the start of each NBA season. They usually release updated versions during the Playoffs. Limited-edition colorways can also be anticipated during the initial run of the new model (like the Nike PG2 Playstation and the Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 Mirror Image).

Colorway updates are expected throughout the year. Some colorways commemorate special achievements (such as winning the MVP award or being crowned NBA Champion), events (such as the All-Star Game and the Olympics), and occasions (such as Chinese New Year, Black History Month, and Christmas Day).

When it comes to launching new KD shoes, the first two models are released in February, the same months as the All-Star Game. The next three were launched in December. The succeeding models are introduced middle of the year.