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Fila basketball shoes

Together with Nike, Jordan, and Adidas, Fila was among the most popular basketball shoe brands in the in 90s. They were able to sign Grant Hill and other prominent athletes in other sports. After that, the company relaxed their hold on basketball and focused on creating shoes and other apparel for running, tennis, and athleisure in general. 

In 2018, however, the company signed a lifetime deal with NBA 90s star Grant Hill. The main goal is to resurrect the guy's illustrious line. This move effectively revived the brand's bid in the basketball shoe race. 

Basketball shoes from Fila: Fun and function

Fila basketball shoes are not only here to be used on the court; they are also great for casual use at work or when strolling around time. True to their 90s vibe, the revived Grant Hill signature sneakers are largely monochromatic, making them so easy on the eyes. Their neat color schemes also make it easy for wearers to pair them with any outfit.