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Converse basketball shoes

Converse made an indelible impact in the past as a basketball brand. In fact, it had basketball legends Larry Bird and Magic Johnson as endorsers back then. Also, the brand's most iconic shoe, the Chuck Taylor All-Star, is named after a basketball player. But Converse changed course and focused on streetstyle sneakers for so long, even after it merged with sports giant Nike in 2003. But they are now back on the hard court and ready to face Adidas and other brands head on. 

Converse shoes: Second shot at basketball

With Adidas, Under Armour, and even its sister brands Jordan and Nike in the basketball market, Converse knows that their re-entry won't be easy. The Converse All Star Pro BB is the brand's comeback shoe, and it is said to be inspired by NBA star Kelly Oubre Jr.

Draymond Green eventually got a major deal with Converse. The G4, though not his official signature shoe just yet, is heavily associated with Green that it might as well be. 

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander joins the Converse team in 2020, and he will be rocking Converse off-court and Nike basketball shoes when in the game.