Updates to Asics Gel Pursue 5

  • The last on this new version of the Asics Gel Pursue was updated to the SPEVA Foam. The change created more space in the forefoot area for the big toe to move freely. It also augmented the comfort felt on the midfoot and underfoot while delivering a fit that feels supportive and protected, but not constricting.
  • The SPEVA material in this Asics running shoe was also added on the midsole. It primarily improves the platform's durability, and it also delivers more bounce to every stride the runner takes. The result is a ride which feels more energetic without the runner exerting too much effort.
  • On the upper, the standard mesh was replaced with jacquard mesh. Not only does it feel like a glove on the foot, but it also maintains the upper's structure as it allows air to pass through, promoting breathability while the runner is in motion.

Size and fit

The Asics Gel Pursue 5 is available in standard running shoe lengths. Runners who wish to get a pair can make use of their usual size preferences. The width, however, has more options for men and women. Aside from the standard width, D - Wide for women and 2E - Wide is available for men.


Just like the popular Asics Gel Contend 4, this shoe's outsole is made up of the AHAR rubber. AHAR stands for Asics High Abrasion Rubber. Because it is sturdy and highly durable, it was only placed on key areas of the outsole to prevent the signs of early wear and tear, and promote flexibility. Aside from this, it also aids delivering the right amount of traction to the bottom of the shoe.

A midsole sponge was placed on the heel part of the Asics Gel Pursue 5 to make it 10mm higher. his structure influences the bending form of the leg during running forward and reduces the load on the leg. The midsole sponge installed into the heel part alleviates the impact on the knee.


The main midsole material on the Asics Gel Pursue 5 is called Flytefoam Lyte. It is the company's lightest midsole formulation which provides sufficient cushioning with the help of organic nanofibers. These fibers adjust to the force applied to them. As soon as the pressure is lifted, these tiny strands bounce back to their original form, allowing this platform to retain its shape even with prolonged usage.

Also on the midsole is the SPEVA Foam which is a special blend of standard EVA and a rubber ball material. The combination allows this platform to hold its shape as well as deliver an energetic run. It basically enhances and complements the features of the Flytefoam Lyte.

The entire shoe was designed with the IGS or Impact Guidance System is mind. This concept connects different features on the shoe together to promote a range of motion that feels natural and intuitive. Because it links different shoe components together, it also smoothens the transition from one phase of the running cycle to the next.

Gel Technology was added on the rear and forefoot areas. These are gel pads that enhance the cushioning and comfort felt underfoot. They also attenuate the shock garnered by the runner during the landing phase of the running cycle.

The Dynamic DuoMax support system is the inside component of the midsole which has been constructed with a  firm sponge. The sponge is placed on the inner part of the foot where overpronation occurs. It acts like a wedge that slightly elevates the part of the foot that it's supporting. It controls the excessive rolling inward of the foot referred to as overpronation without significantly adding to the weight of the Asics Gel Pursue 5.

When the shoe is flipped, a vertical groove line will be visible from the sole. It decouples the tread or tooling along the line of progression, enhancing the runner's gait efficiency. This feature is called the Guidance Line Technology.

Also on the midsole is the Guidance Trusstic System Technology. It works hand in hand with the Guidance Line to further enhances gait efficiency and improves the structural integrity of the midfoot.


The Asics Gel Pursue 5 has SPEVAFoam 45 Lasting. The shoe's lasting gives the upper its final shape and retains it so the outsole can be permanently attached. Because it is made of the SPEVAFoam, it is highly protective since it absorpt shock accordingly. The foam material also delivers the right amount of comfort to the foot.

To provide better support, the upper was made with a material called jacquard mesh. Compared to standard mesh, it retains its shape better. Although it doesn't lock the foot down, the material still braces the foot significantly while maintaining its breathability.

The entire upper was made with seamless construction. Because of the absence of the usual stitches, it lessens the likelihood of irritation.

The Gel Pursue 5 is equipped with standard lacing. Pulling the tops of the laces together secures the fit further, preventing accidental slipping off while the runner is in motion. With a guidance loop on the tongue, the laces stay in place as they are tightened.

Inside is an Ortholite Sockliner which helps manage moisture from within the shoe. It also keeps odor at bay because of its material which eliminates bacteria. Since it comes in direct contact with the foot, it also enhances the comfort delivered by the platform.


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