Our verdict

Is this shoe really a quiver killer? For me, NO. I say this because, for myself, an 8mm drop is just too high to be my only shoe. But, if you enjoy such a drop in trail shoes and firmer rides, you're in for a treat. The grip and durability are great!


  • True to size
  • Snug fit
  • Roomy toebox
  • Comfortable
  • Ground contact
  • Durable outsole
  • Reliable traction


  • Firm ride
  • 8mm drop (a little high for my liking)
  • Lacing issues

Audience verdict


Salomon Sense Ride review

I have been running in Salomons for a number of years now having tried everything from the X-Missions to the S-Lab series. Admittedly one of my favorite shoes from Salomon has been the original Sense Pro.

However when the Sense Ride was released and marketed as a “quiver-killer” with S-Lab technology at a much more affordable price… I knew I had to give them a shot.

All in all, the Salomon Sense Ride is awesome. Any shoe I can take out of the box and run a 50k in without any real problems is a good shoe in my book.

Enjoyable fit and feel

Right when I slipped this shoe on my foot, I was already enjoying the feel.

I have a narrow foot and have always liked Salomon for their Endo-Fit technology that allows for a good snug fit.

However, this shoe fits perfectly through the midfoot and has a slightly wider toe box, which I actually prefer. I believe that someone with a wider foot would also find this shoe to be very inviting.

From left to right - Salomon Sense Ride, Sense Ride Pro 2, Sense Ride

Extremely comfortable right out of the box

The Sense Ride was so comfortable that I actually took them for a 50k training run right out of the box.

It did take me a few times of having to stop and re-adjust the laces before I got them right (possibly due to the wider toe box than I am used to in Salomon).

I am happy to report though that I had no problems relating to the shoe on that run, and once I got the lacing down they have given me no problems during other runs. 

These shoes fit true to size.

Cushioned yet I can feel the ground 

Salomon uses their Vibe midsole in this shoe that is actually a technology from their road shoes. The midsole helps in reducing vibrations while running yet still gives a firm ride.

To be honest, I am not sure I noticed a whole lot of difference with this shoes compared to other ones I run in, which was my favorite part of this shoe.

I am personally not a fan of more cushioned shoes and prefer a firmer ride where I can feel the ground (especially on trails). I have run in highly cushioned shoes and am not a fan of the feeling that I am running on marshmallows.

Salomon markets this as a high cushion shoe, but when I was running in it I was happy that I could still feel the ground underneath me.

Hardly showing any wear after over 100 miles

I do not think enough can be said about Salomon’s outsoles in general.

They are by far the most durable outsoles I have run in and this shoe is no different. After over 100 miles showing hardly any use of wear.

Grippy outsole

I have always loved the traction and durability of the Salomon outsole.

The shoes are grippy enough that I am comfortable on technical terrain but will hold up fine if you need to do a few miles on the road here and there to get to or from a trailhead.

One thing I will say is that where I live in California, I have not had much of a chance to put these shoes through any conditions such as mud or snow. So I am not sure how the traction is in more extreme type conditions.