Running shoes for spartan race (OCR)

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Running shoes for Spartan Race (OCR) 

Spartan Race (OCR) involves a lot of mud and obstacles. And to be able to win this competition, you’re going to need a pair of grippy and protective running shoes

Spartan race (OCR) running shoes: An overview

There are a handful of OCR running shoes to choose from here. 

Want unmatched grip? The Spartan Race shoes from Inov-8 will bite their way through the unfriendliest terrains. And if you want top-notch protection, nothing beats the OCR shoes from Saucony.

But if it’s a combination of traction and protection that you’re after, definitely go for Salomon

Are they expensive? 

Spartan Race or OCR running shoes typically retail for more than $130 to $150, which are borderline costly.  But if you’re tight on budget, you can get them here for less with the aid of our collaborating retailers.