Altra Superior 6 review

Sean Kiffe
Sean Kiffe on Jan 27, 2022

Expected release date: Sep 1, 2022

Expected price: $120

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To make a lightweight ride with maximum ground feel, Altra has designed its Superior trail shoe collection with minimal padding. To maintain the brand's signature ride, here are some of the features you'll be enjoying from this roster:

  • FootShape toe box for natural toe splay and stability in each stride
  • Zero-drop design for better ground feel 

If you're looking for stability, grip, and comfort at an affordable price, you'll be very pleased with this lineup. And if you're still slowly transitioning to barefoot running shoes, this series is an excellent start. 

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Sean Kiffe
Sean Kiffe

My name is Sean Kiffe. I live with my wife and three daughters in Missoula, MT where I teach middle school science. I am primarily a trail runner but also dabble in road events occasionally. Currently, I am working my way into ultra distances and will be doing my first 50K and 100K trail races this season.