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Kyrie Irving basketball shoes

Because of his talent, Kyrie Irving is often compared to big NBA stars such as Kobe Bryant. He signed with Nike shortly after the 2011 NBA Draft, where he was the number 1 overall pick. Three years later, he already has his own signature line with the brand. Other players who have signature lines with Nike are LeBron James, Paul George, Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Kobe Bryant.  

Kyrie Irving basketball shoes for less

Besides his main signature line, Kyrie Irving also has a series of cheaper hooping shoes called the Flytrap. This collection got its name from the Venus Flytrap plant, which is known to trap and 'eat' flying insects such as flies. With this, the shoes are poised to be beastly on the court even with their slightly lower price.  

Low-top Kyrie basketball shoes

Kyrie Irving is fond of mid-top basketball shoes, but this doesn't mean that he is blind to the preferences of those who adore low-top basketball shoes on the court. Nike and he also produce a line of low-top basketball shoes. This collection is straightforwardly known as the Kyrie Low. 

Features and symbolisms on Kyrie Shoes

Kyrie Irving is known to add personal touches to his Kyrie basketball sneakers. Some of which, like his mother’s (Elizabeth) and daughter’s (Azurie) names, are a staple throughout his signature shoes. The NBA star puts his family first and honors them whenever he can. Other common details are the following:

Jagged teeth. The jagged teeth that form the peaks on the Kyrie 1’s midsole walls represent the iconic Sydney Opera House. Before Kyrie Irving was born, his family relocated to Melbourne due to his father’s basketball career. Irving is both an Australian and an American citizen.

JBY. JBY is short for “Just Be You. It is one of Irving’s personal mottos. In a press conference, he explained that the phrase encourages him and others to just be themselves. He adds, “Just be yourself, you don’t need to be anybody else. You represent yourself and all the hard work that you put in… You know all those lonely nights, all those late-night early-morning workouts. You know, just being you.”

All-Seeing Eye. Popularly thought to be an Illuminati sign, sports journalist Nick De Paula explains that the All-Seeing Eye is not. Instead, it is a symbol to "challenge everyone to seek their own answers beyond the ones that are given to us by books, media, internet, etc."