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  • Klay Thompson
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Klay Thompson basketball shoes

In 2014, Thompson inked a six-year contract with Anta initially for footwear and apparel endorsements. In 2016, the contract was re-negotiated, and is now worth $80 million in a span of ten years.

There are already a number of Klay Thompson basketball shoes released stateside and overseas. It is reported that the shooting guard star is happy with the shoe brand because they give him chances to express himself through his shoes with the help of designer Robbie Fuller who joined Anta in February 2016 as its creative director for footwear. Fuller was with Adidas from February 2001 to August 2015. He designed basketball shoes for famous signature athletes like Derrick Rose, John Wall, and Damian Lillard.

Looking at the pattern of the release dates of Klay Thompson new shoes, it appears that the brand targets summer and fall. The Anta basketball shoes for Klay also come out yearly with high-top and low-top versions. The designs do not attract sneakerheads as much as they attract basketball players. Even so, Anta still releases Klay Thompson new shoes with different colorways throughout the year.

Klay Thompson shoes: Signature shoes for less

Klay Thompson basketball shoes cost between $70 to $120 per pair. For brands like Jordan and Adidas, this price range is already for budget models that either have less technologies or use ordinary materials. With Anta basketball shoes, this is not the case. The low price is actually paired with high-level performance, undisclosed technologies, and anonymous designers. these Klay Thompson shoes for sale truly are constant reminders that quality doesn’t really have to be expensive.