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Derrick Rose basketball shoes

A skilled and accomplished player, Derrick Rose was awarded the Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month honors for November and December 2008. He won the Skills Challenge in the All-Star Weekend and became the first rookie to get the trophy. Rose won Rookie of the Year of the 2008-2009 season.

In the 2010-2011 season, Rose became the third player to score 2000 points and 600 assists in one season after Michael Jordan and LeBron James. On May 3, 2011, he was awarded the Most Valuable Player of the NBA, becoming the youngest to receive such award. In the history of Chicago Bulls, Derrick Rose and Michael Jordan are the only members to win the MVP award.

Given all the achievements, it is not surprising that Adidas gave Derrick Rose a lifetime deal that ensures that continuous release of D Rose basketball shoes. The signature series is undeniably a favorite of most wearers. Because of their quality, the shoe models are almost always present stateside and in other territories.

Like what Nike does for their signature athletes such as Kyrie Irving, Adidas also releases a budget series for Derrick Rose.  He dedicates it to his beloved city of Chicago. In fact, it has the city’s area code 773 in its name. 

Having two or more signature lines is common for famous athletes. Take the numerous shoe lines of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant as examples. Each has at least three signature lines in different price tiers to keep the cash flowing for Nike. The same goes with Derrick Rose. Aside from his D Rose and 773 shoe lines, he has the Englewood series, which of course honors the southern Chicago neighborhood where Derrick Rose was born. 

Symbolism in D Rose shoes

Basketball shoes, especially signature ones, will not have their unique identity if there are no logos and unique symbols on them. Derrick Rose has only one very recognizable symbol that effectively sets apart the D Rose shoes: The D Rose logo.  

The D Rose logo speaks highly of the three most important things in the player's life: his family, the city of Chicago, and basketball. Designer Rob Lee explained that it is made up of three rose petals representing Rose’s brothers - Dwayne, Reggie, and Allan. They helped him stay focused on his journey to the NBA. The edges of the petals are rough, alluding to the aggressiveness and explosiveness of Derrick Rose on the court. The number “1” in the middle represents his beloved mother Brenda, who Derrick honored upon accepting his MVP award in 2011. They just have a special bond, and she motivates him to play at the level of an MVP all the time.