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AND 1 basketball shoes

AND1 is a homegrown American brand that has been providing the market with quality basketball shoes and other apparel since 1993. Through the years, the company was able to strike endorsement and other deals with NBA stars Lance Stephenson and Kevin Garnett. This brand has produced high-top basketball shoes that are at par in terms of performance with more well-known offers such as Nike's LeBron shoes. They also have low-tops that serve as good alternatives to James Harden's or even Kobe Bryant's celebrated low basketball shoes.

The colors of AND 1 basketball shoes

 In honor of its American roots, Anta usually releases shoes in the color of the American flag: blue, white, and red. The brand also has all-black offers that seem to appeal to those who want a sophisticated minimalist look.

Anta shoes in dark colors are common, owing to the fact that Anta basketball shoes are popular among streetballers. When they play outside, it's natural for players to prefer shoes that do not get dirty easily.