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ASICS walking shoes

ASICS believe that in order for a person to have a sound mind is to have a sound body, which can be achieved by playing sports, or do an activity as simple as walking. The first ASICS walking shoe was released in 1983 and from then, various designs have been made available to the public to suit their needs.

Who are ASICS walking shoes for

ASICS walking shoes are for everyone. If you're looking for a pair that delivers all-day wear comfort, choose the ones with Gel technology in the midsole.

If you feel a bit unsteady when you walk, overpronation walking shoes from ASICS will be more suited to your needs. They have features like a firm midsole under the arch to prevent the foot from rolling inwards.

On the other hand, if you're more athletic and do walking for fitness, ASICS walking shoes with a mesh top and a rubber outsole will bring you comfort on your daily walks. Walking shoes from ASICS that use AHAR or AHAR+ are designed to withstand walking on concrete.

The price of ASICS walking shoes

Walking shoes from ASICS are priced at about $80 to $145. Those with special features like a waterproof lining are cost higher than ASICS walking shoes with mesh upper. Here at RunRepeat, you can get walking shoes for as low as $55.