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5 reasons to buy

  • A vast majority of reviewers are ecstatic with the comfort offered by the Skechers Arch Fit.
  • A good number of people with flat feet or plantar fasciitis reveal that this pair of walking shoes relieved discomfort.
  • Because of the Arch Fit insole, a lot of wearers have not used their custom orthotics.
  • According to multiple purchasers, this model was lightweight despite having supporting elements.
  • The overall design and style appeal to a lot of shoppers.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few users wish that the cushioning under the heel was plush for softer landings.
  • The flat shoelaces did not please a couple of owners.

Bottom line

The Skechers Arch Fit is engineered to deliver a comfortable walking experience to people with foot issues. It has built-in support under the arch, which prevents overpronation and relieves pain for those with plantar fasciitis. It looks like your typical athletic trainer which makes it easy to pair with casual attire. The Arch Fit insole is removable, so you can easily swap it with your orthotics if needed. It comes highly recommended to be used for daily walks and traveling.

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User reviews:

Good to know

Who is it for? The Arch Fit is suitable for people in search of substantial support in their walking shoes. It features a removable insole that is podiatrist-approved. The natural shape of the insert provides maximum underfoot coverage for all-day comfort.

Individuals might enjoy it if they:

  • experience foot pain due to plantar fasciitis
  • have flat feet and don't mind having a bump under their arch
  • want support but don't want geriatric-looking shoes
  • are not a fan of leather walking shoes with arch support.

Flexibility. The exposed midsole has aggressive grooves that ensure the unit is pliable. These deep furrows facilitate effortless transitions, especially during toe offs.

Traction. Rubber pods protect the heel and forefoot zones against friction and walking on rough surfaces. This compound is grippy, preventing slippage when walking on various types of surfaces.

Protection. The rubber extends to the front of the shoe. It serves as a bumper, protecting the toes from getting stubbed and also makes pushing off the ground easier. 

Stability. What sets this pair apart from the huge selection of Skechers walking shoes is the Arch Fit insole. It is podiatrist-certified and the anatomical shape cups the heel while supporting the arch area. The engineered insole aims to evenly distribute pressure under the midfoot, reducing discomfort during walking. The design also helps to balance the wearer as the weight of the person shifts from the heel to the toes.

Customize comfort. The Arch Fit insert is removable. This allows consumers to replace it if they wish to use their custom orthotics instead.

Shock-absorption. A resilient foam makes up the midsole of the Skechers Arch Fit. It compresses to dull the impact of foot landings but quickly springs back to its original form ready for the next step. This lightweight cushioning unit is designed to facilitate smooth forward motions. It is constructed with raised walls at the heel to prevent excessive movement of the hindfoot.

Coverage. A soft knit mesh makes up the top of the Skechers Arch Fit. It has breathable knit panels woven-in to keep the foot fresh during use. The interior walls are lined with a soft fabric that prevents chafing and helps with moisture control.

Lockdown. This knit-top walking trainer features a sporty look that is enhanced by its lacing system. Wearers can customize the fit using the shoestrings. Meanwhile, the collar and tongue are both lined with soft foam. They help keep the foot securely in place while also preventing blisters and chafing.

Protection. Hot-melt overlay is used to reinforce high-wear areas. This smooth synthetic element is placed at the tip of the Arch Fit to protect the toes against abrasions and bumps. Meanwhile, stitching accents are used on the eyelets and the collar to prevent early deterioration of the fabric associated with on-and-off actions. 

  • Shoes under the Arch Fit line are easy to identify as the logo is placed on the tongue and the lateral side of the midsole.
  • The Skechers Arch Fit features a patent-pending design that pertains to its ability to retain its shape even with constant and prolonged usage.

How Arch Fit compares

This shoe: 82
All shoes average: 79
65 93
This shoe: £90
All shoes average: £90
£40 £160
This shoe: 340g
All shoes average: 323g
198g 510g