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Overpronation Walking Shoes

If your feet overpronate or roll inward when you walk, there's a good chance you're already experiencing some discomfort. Finding a high-quality walking shoe can determine whether you'll experience comfort or chronic pain. 

Aside from alleviating pain, an excellent walking shoe that controls motion and maintains stability can aid in preventing injuries such as plantar fasciitis and shin splints, among many others.

Types of walking shoes for overpronation 

Being on your feet all day, especially if it's because of work, can be challenging for individuals with overpronation. Investing in a good pair of footwear with structured cushioning can help you achieve this.

At RunRepeat, we house major brands such as New BalanceBrooks, and Asics that offer overpronation walking shoes for men and women. These companies are preferred for their creating stability and motion control footwear.

Other sought-after brands are Skechers and Saucony. These two manufacturers are known for their overpronation walking shoes that take aesthetic inspiration from sneakers.

To explore other options, check out our orthotic-friendly shoes and cushioned walking shoe sections.

Price of overpronation walking shoes

Compared to neutral walking shoes, overpronation walking shoes come with a more expensive price tag. They usually range from $80 to $140 compared to neutral walking shoes' starting price of $50.

This is because shoes designed for overpronation have added cushioning, stability, and motion control features. However, you can cop these shoes at a discounted price thanks to our partner retailers' bargain deals. Check them out by clicking on a model you covet, and a price list will be revealed.