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If you’re in search of a cozy everyday walking trainer but don’t feel like spending $100 on a pair, then this selection of cheap walking shoes may be just right for you.  

The list above comprises of shoes that have a comparatively low retail price. Some of them are even offered at a discount, which further reduces the cost. That way, the original price of these trainers ranges from $40 to $60, while you can also find some models for as low as $20 during sales.

For the price, you can expect to get a pair of basic walking trainers which are ready to meet various daily needs, including casual and fitness walks, traveling, running errands, commuting, etc.

How to choose cheap but worthy walking shoes

cheap walking shoes

Best cheap walking shoes for women - May 2019

Cheap does not always mean poor quality

It makes sense for customers to feel suspicious about products that come at an unusually low price. Besides, some people associate “cheap” with something flawed or that of inferior quality. But in the case of walking shoes, buyers can be pleasantly surprised to find some low-cost models which are quite comfortable, well-fitting, and supportive. Even though these shoes typically have a modest design and don’t employ any genuine leather or cutting-edge technologies, most of them are described as decent and reliable walking footwear.

Check other buyers’ reviews

You can get a good idea of a shoe’s performance, durability, fit, and other parameters by taking a look at other purchasers’ experience with a particular model. But you don’t have to go scrolling through numerous websites as we at prepare an overview of users’ opinions for each model. Just click on any shoe of your interest and find out reasons to buy and not to buy the product. We have also created a system called CoreScore which assigns a rating to each shoe based on multiple factors. You can see the score in a green box next to each item.

Don’t sacrifice comfort to price

An inexpensive price tag should not lower your standards for a comfortable walking shoe. After all, you’re choosing something that is going to support your feet and body throughout the day for several months or longer.

  • First off, make sure that your future walker has the right size and width. Some models come in narrow, wide, and extra wide profiles to accommodate various foot shapes.
  • Then, see if the upper unit offers the right level of support. It should feel snug but not restrictive and should also hug your ankle securely. Also, make sure that the upper material itself feels pleasant and has the right amount of flexibility and breathability.   
  • Check if the sole unit delivers the right kind of support and cushioning for your foot because walking shoes vary in the softness of their platform. You should also consider your type of foot pronation as you may require stability or motion control features to prevent excessive inward foot rolling.  
  • Finally, trust your gut feeling. If a shoe is right for you, it won’t make you think about it.

Brands that make cheap walking shoes


Even though it’s only been around since 1992, Skechers has managed to become the third top-selling brand on the US market after Nike and Adidas. Along with creating casual lifestyle sneakers, the brand focuses a lot of effort on its Performance footwear line which includes the acclaimed GOwalk series. As the name suggests, these shoes are crafted specifically for walking and are continually refreshed with the brand’s latest technologies.

Skechers is known for producing a vast selection of shoe styles to satisfy various customers’ tastes. It is also considered one of the most affordable athletic footwear brands with lots of inexpensive walking shoes to choose from.


With its strong emphasis on running and cross-training, Reebok does not offer a large choice of walking shoes. Nevertheless, its few models of walking trainers come at a reasonable price and are generally complimented by the wearers. They are also quite diverse as you can find shoes which cater to an urban environment as well as those which can handle the great outdoors.


This American brand first made a name for itself in the 1980s with the help of its fitness and walking shoes. While it is not a very popular company, its products still receive a considerable amount of positive feedback from the customers. Avia walking shoes tend to be praised for their affordable price and comfort.


Ever since its establishment in 1985, Propet has been oriented at making quality shoes for people whose feet require special care. Its walking shoe line comes in all possible width profiles to accommodate the most hard-to-fit feet. Some of these trainers have been approved by Medicare as suitable diabetic shoes. The brand also offers walking footwear with gait correcting technologies.


This women-oriented brand has been driven by a mission to produce shoes which take female anatomy into account. Thus, Ryka walking shoes are designed with a narrower heel, a higher instep volume, and a broader forefoot to ensure the wearer’s comfort. While most of its shoes exceed the $60 mark, there are some solid budget-friendly models to choose from. You might as well find a more expensive pair at a generous discount.