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New Balance walking shoes

New Balance has built its name manufacturing arch support for the working class. To this day, it is one of the brands known for walking trainers with motion control features.

New Balance walking shoes come in various styles and functions. You can choose from cushioned walking shoes for all-day wear, leather walking shoes for work, and even waterproof walking trainers if you like to rough it out on the weekends.

New Balance walking shoes for all ages

Some people associate New Balance with walking shoes for seniors, especially when the brand came out with the Ma and Pa Balance ad in the 70s, featuring old people wearing their kicks. That ad appealed to many and may have started the Dad shoe trend.

Like the ad, many seniors wear New Balance walking shoes because there are models with Velcro closure or come slip-on style, appealing to those with mobility issues. Another thing to note about New Balance walking shoes is that most bear the A5500 code. The cost of the footgear can be reimbursed if you are diabetic.

To find out more about New Balance walking shoes and their features, check out our buying guide here.

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