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5 reasons to buy

  • Those who spend many hours on their feet highly recommend the Addiction Walker 2 for its lasting comfort.
  • The shoe has helped in alleviating foot pain for some of the wearers.
  • Many users claim that the second iteration has significantly improved in the aesthetics department. 
  • More than a few users appreciate the presence of arch support in this walking shoe.
  • The basic color options of this model easily match formal work outfits and uniforms, says multiple reviews.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Many fans of the original model were disappointed with the new version: it appears stiffer, less comfortable, and cheaper-feeling than the first shoe.
  • A couple of testers warn that the outsole isn’t as slip-resistant as they had hoped.

Bottom line

Brooks’ attempt to upgrade the well-loved Addiction Walker has been partially successful. While some people enjoy its supportive built and improved design, the majority of those who used the first version have been frustrated. The 2nd iteration appears to fall short of the comfort, grip, and craftsmanship of the first Walker.

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Good to know

Who is it for? Much like the original Brooks Walker, the 2nd edition is meant for people who need extra support for overpronation and flat feet.

What is it good for?

- The shoe's supportive construction makes it suitable for daily errands, athleisure, long periods of walking and standing.

- The slip-resistant characteristic and basic colors make it a good option for work. It will keep you sure-footed on concrete, tile, and wood. In addition, the leather upper doesn’t absorb liquids and is quite easy to clean.

- Although the shoe is not very appropriate for the hot seasons, it offers comfort during colder days and drizzly weather.

  • Refreshed design. This time around, Brooks has put an emphasis on the shoe’s appearance. The brand still uses a full-grain upper but gives it a cleaner and more streamlined shape. The foam midsole also has a visibly less aggressive design.
  • Updated outsole. The Addiction Walker 2 receives a new rubber outsole. It also comes with a certified slip-resistant characteristic but has been made more flexible in the forefoot. The more prominent flex grooves help the shoe bend together with the foot.

Anti-slip. A walking shoe that has a full-length rubber outsole is already more superior in terms of traction. However, models like Brooks Addiction Walker 2 are equipped with a certified slip-resistant outsole (SATRA TM144:2011) to deliver even more grip. It is especially useful for people who walk on tile floors and wet surfaces, as well as for senior citizens and people with health conditions.

Flexibility. Deep horizontal grooves are placed in the forefoot area of the trainer. Several more are added around the perimeter of the unit. These notches help to make the bottom of the shoe more pliable to accommodate a natural foot transition.

Cushioning. This walking shoe features a thick midsole layer to provide exuberant cushioning. It uses the proprietary BioMoGo DNA material which, according to the brand, adapts to the stride, weight, and speed of the wearer. It helps to reduce the amount of impact experienced by the joints.

Motion control. The Addiction Walker 2 embeds an Extended Progressive Diagonal Bar (PDRB) into the midfoot area. This sturdy post is meant to support the arch in the right area to minimize the foot’s inward rolling (overpronation).

Removable insole. This lightweight foamy component adds a tinge of padding when retained. It can also be easily removed to free up space for a custom orthotic insert.

Leather support. The upper unit of the Walker is made of a full-grain leather upper. This material is known for its plush and soft yet highly durable nature. It creates a supportive embrace for the foot and gradually adapts to its individual shape. That way, it gets more comfortable with time. Its inner side is lined with mesh fabric to create a comfy feel for the skin and to keep the foot chamber aerated.

Lockdown. A heel cup at the back firmly holds the rearfoot in place. It prevents the heel from slipping out of the shoe and doesn’t let it wobble from side to side either. The padded collar and tongue contribute to the rearfoot support, while the lace-up closure is used to tighten the fit.

Brooks Addiction Walker Suede

If you like what the Addiction Walker 2 has to offer but are not fond of the leather upper, then the Walker Suede is an option to consider.

It retains the slip-resistant rubber and the arch-supporting technology of the original but serves them with a suede upper. Here are a few things to take note of if you are choosing between the two: 

  • Unlike leather on the Addiction Walker, the suede material on the Walker Suede is perforated. It offers slightly more aeration for the foot.

  • The Suede model has more color options to choose from.

Brooks Addiction V-Strap 2

For those who don’t like or can’t afford to tie the laces, the Addiction Walker is also available in a Velcro version. The Addiction V-Strap 2 employs two Velcro straps across the instep which are very easy to adjust and open up.


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