31 best Salomon trail running shoes (November 2017)

6,388 runners reviewed these shoes with an average score of 85/100

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Known for producing the best trail running shoes, Salomon, has gained high scores and popularity on over 100,000+reviews by beginners and expert users or runners. The best Salomon trail shoe is the best choice if one really likes to run on messy surfaces or if one wants to practice for a race on trails. This shoe ensures great speed and maximum performance, which will surely not let a runner down.

What distinguishes the best Salomon trail shoes from other shoe?

  • There are two running shoe types mentioned at RunRepeat, trail and road shoe. Trail running shoes have different levels of outsoles that are rough, but the best Salomon trail shoe has a lightweight concept compared to other shoes. If the runner mostly runs on compact stones, he or she won’t necessarily have to get that much outsole structure, but it will help enhance his or her grip. The shoe’s outsole is rough, so that the runner’s performance on muddy surfaces will be improved. But if one runs on ice and snow, he or she will have to use a pair of trail shoes that have spikes.
  • The best Salomon trail shoe is cushioned satisfactorily, ensuring that the foot gets the best protection in battling irregular surfaces. The shoe protects the runner’s feet because the outsole is both firm and flexible enough, considering various running distances. The shoe has a helpful feature that absorbs shock during impact. This is made possible through the EVA midsole. Lastly, the shoe has an anti-debris mesh stratum that makes sure that there won’t be any trail debris stuck in the shoe’s foot bed.
  • What makes the best Salomon trail shoe extraordinary is its treading style, which is comprised of deep lugs, which are both known and proven to provide great traction on muddy surfaces. Added to that feature is the non-marking Contagrip material, which works great in snow or mud. This feature maintains the runner’s balance during the run. All of these features greatly enhance the runner’s ride when he or she is on the go.
  • The best Salomon trail shoe won’t disappoint the runner, most especially in different weather conditions because according to statistics, 20% of Salomon trail shoes are deemed waterproof. It has strong soles that will ensure protection for the runner’s underfoot, may it be summer or winter season. The shoe still functions as normal even when used on uneven terrains. Its Contagrip feature is built with a specific treading design that uses sticky rubber, which holds on rough terrain and technical surfaces. The feature also excretes the mud out of the shoe to make cleaning easier.
  • Most of the trail running shoes are known to be ground-based as they give great stability on rough surfaces. This type of shoe has soles that are forcefully contorted and are firmer.

What to look for in the best Salomon trail shoe?

  • Outer sole. The shoe’s outsole is an important factor when choosing the right shoe for running in different terrains. It is necessary for the shoe to have a rough outsole, especially if on unstable surfaces. The best Salomon trail shoe has an enhanced durability because of the deep lugs, Mud and Snow Contagrip and 3D advanced chassis features.
  • Weight. The best Salomon trail shoe has two versions and different weights. The women’s version weighs 272 grams, while the men’s version weighs 303 grams.
  • Waterproofness. The shoe’s upper structure is made up of a water-resistant material blend which is abrasion-resistant guaranteeing a more relaxing fit. Additionally, it also guards the shoe from water, mud and snow which is caused by weather circumstances and the material also dries up effortlessly.