81 best Brooks road running shoes

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  1. $120 $77 (save 36%)
  2. $150 $85 (save 43%)
  3. $120 $112 (save 7%)
  4. $120 $80 (save 33%)
  5. $100 $80 (save 20%)
  6. $100 $59 (save 41%)
  7. $150 $67 (save 55%)
  8. $110 $65 (save 41%)
  9. $100 $65 (save 35%)
  10. $150 $64 (save 57%)
  11. $110 $68 (save 38%)
  12. $100 $89 (save 11%)
  13. $160 $140 (save 13%)
  14. $85 $60 (save 29%)
  15. $150 $140 (save 7%)
  16. $130 $76 (save 42%)
  17. $160 $94 (save 41%)
  18. $100 $85 (save 15%)
  19. $100 $64 (save 36%)
  20. $150 $134 (save 11%)
  21. $120 $78 (save 35%)
  22. $130 $96 (save 26%)
  23. $160 $98 (save 39%)
  24. $110 $55 (save 50%)

Boost your running performance on the pavement by choosing some of the best road pairs from Brooks, a shoe company with a passion for running, as proven by their many achievements and mentions in 100, 000+ shoe reviews by professional and casual runners alike. The brand decided to develop the athletic potential of their performance shoes to make road running a fruitful experience.

Why are the best Brooks road shoes great for any type of runner?

  • Road shoes are technically developed for even and hard grounds. Beginners are likely to start their running regime on the pavement before pursuing the trail. Investing in best Brooks road shoes for your fitness will be a great idea, especially if you also do some sports and gym work. The versatility of road shoes is hard to beat.
  • The best Brooks road shoes are either for neutral pronators, supinators or over pronators. By looking at the midsole platform, runners can get the right pair for their pronation needs. Runners with high to medium arches can make use of neutral road shoes, while those with low arches will find stability and motion control shoes to suit them just fine.
  • The best Brooks road shoes have shock attenuation properties to reduce the discomfort in every step. You will no longer worry about impact forces with a cushioned midsole. However, if you want to pursue a natural running movement, you should go for a low drop road shoe or a lesser cushioning for better ground contact.
  • The cushioning in road shoes varies greatly; however, the ideal state is a firm and responsive one. A firmer midsole does not compromise comfort, but you can expect better energy return properties during the heel to toe transition.

What aspects should you prioritize in choosing the best Brooks road shoes?

  • Durability – Versatile road shoes are made of tough materials, but when used excessively, they might give in to wear and tear. Look for the best Brooks road shoes with durable materials, especially in the outsole. If the treading starts to wear after a few miles, you are likely to get bruises and discomfort if you still run in them. Brooks shoes have the HPR Plus midsole, HPR Green midsole and the Cush Pod Configuration to maintain a long lasting undersurface.
  • Heel to toe drop- If you want more cushioning for shock attenuation and protection, go for high heel to toe drops. However, a barefoot- like experience is possible with lower differential, such as 4 mm to 6 mm.
  • Protection- Protection against impact forces and debris can be influenced by the midsole technologies. Brooks has a wide variety of cushioning systems, including the Brooks DNA, Bio MoGo midsole and the S-257 Cushole among others.

15 best Brooks road running shoes

  1. Brooks Revel
  2. Brooks Ghost 10
  3. Brooks Ghost 11
  4. Brooks Glycerin 17
  5. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18
  6. Brooks Glycerin 15
  7. Brooks Glycerin 16
  8. Brooks Launch 6
  9. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19
  10. Brooks Revel 2
  11. Brooks Launch 5
  12. Brooks Levitate
  13. Brooks Ravenna 9
  14. Brooks PureCadence 7
  15. Brooks Bedlam
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