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Heel strike running shoes

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buy heel strike running shoes for men and women

Each runner has a unique running form and foot strike. A runner whose heels don’t touch the ground when running is called a forefoot striker, while a runner who lands on the ball of the foot first is called a midfoot striker. If a runner hits the ground with his heel first when running, he is most likely a heel striker.

Many people claim that heel striking is inefficient for long-distance runs. Additionally, many articles tell us that running with a midfoot or forefoot strike is the best option to become an efficient runner and achieve an injury-free running form. However, some studies show that heel striking is actually not an issue. If a heel striker has no problem and is not experiencing any pain with the way he runs, forcing him to change to a forefoot or midfoot strike may not help.  

Although many runners and athletes switched to a midfoot or forefoot strike when sprinting, a lot of people have chosen to maintain a heel strike. It is because many individuals discovered that heel striking is suitable for slower and longer distance running. It is also nice to know that there are plenty of available running shoes for heel strikers, which are designed to improve the whole running experience. 

How heel strike running shoes differ from midfoot and forefoot strike running shoes

Best heel strike running shoes - May 2020

The running shoes that are suitable for forefoot strikers are sometimes called minimalist running shoes. These shoes generally incorporate a less amount of cushioning and a firm sole that protects the foot from shock while running. Additionally, there are plenty of forefoot strike running shoes that are crafted with a wider midfoot area that provides adequate stability. 

For midfoot strikers, a pair of running shoes with a low drop and a thick sole is recommended. The low drop helps promote a midfoot strike, while the thick sole provides protection and cushioning. The reason is that the midfoot strikers use their ankles to do the shock-absorption job. This running technique helps keep the ball of the foot and heel injury-free but can destroy the ankles. 

Compared to the forefoot and midfoot strikers, heel strikers are more prone to injuries. Heel striking pattern causes great shock to the runner’s pumps, ankles, and Achilles. Because of this, a reliable running shoe that includes excellent heel support and generous padding is recommended to soften the impact. 

Shoe brands that design quality running shoes for heel strikers

Most running shoe brands are aware that almost all runners instinctively hit the ground with the heel first. This is the reason why many brands create shoes with adequate cushioning and designs that soften the heel strike's impact. 


Mizuno designs comfortable running shoes that even the most aggressive heel strikers can run in. 

One of Mizuno’s well-known cushioning materials is Wave technology. This technology is placed underneath the body of the shoe to absorb heavy landings. It provides both cushioning and stability, which are suitable for heel strikers. 


After devoting millions and resources to research and development, Adidas successfully created its innovative Boost midsole technology. 

Boost is a cushioning technology that is made out of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) materials, which compress under pressure and instantly bounce back to its original form. Adidas running shoes that feature Boost provide better shock absorption that suits the needs of heel strikers. 


Brooks uses BioMoGo foam and DNA cushioning technology to build quality and comfortable running shoes for heel strikers. 

DNA technology is an adaptive midsole material, which provides more cushioning and twice as much as energy return than the standard EVA foam. 

BioMoGo technology is another adaptive midsole material from Brooks. This technology delivers a dynamic cushioning that accounts for the runner's unique weight, stride, and speed. 


The prominent Gel cushioning featured in Asics running shoes is perfect for the most extreme heel strikers and runners who need a lot of stability. 

Asics Gel technology is a soft material inserted into the midsole. This technology helps reduce shock during impact and toe-off phases. 


Nike is one of the most popular running shoe brands that constantly introduce new cushioning technologies, which are suitable for different types of runners. One of its famous cushioning technologies is the Air Zoom that uses pressurized air and tightly stretched fibers. This midsole material helps absorb impact and reduce stress on joints, tendons, and muscles. 

Frequently asked questions

What are the best running shoes for heel strikers?

Here are just some of the comfortable running shoe series for heel strikers. 

  1. Asics Gel Cumulus - This series of neutral road running shoe features a triple-density midsole below the heel area. It offers adequate support and maximum cushioning for heel strikers. 
  2. Mizuno Wave Rider - This neutral running shoe incorporates Wave technology. It promotes a flexible, fluid motion that results in a more responsive ride. 
  3. Brooks Ghost - This road running shoe utilizes the BioMoGo DNA midsole material for long-lasting comfort and responsive ride. 

Are low drop running shoes suitable for heel strikers?

Zero-drop and low-drop running shoes encourage a midfoot strike pattern. These types of shoes are more suitable for runners who have a lower impact stride than heel strikers. A shoe with a slightly higher drop is recommended for runners with an aggressive heel strike pattern. The reason is that the heel strikers need more cushioning to absorb the impact in every stride.